Cheryl Flynn

While attending McGill University, Cheryl Flynn received sound advice from one of her professors who suggested she consider studying statistics at a Business school rather than an Arts and Science school, given her background in economics and actuarial science. According to Cheryl, Stern’s PhD program specifically stood out because of its heavy focus on developing research skills, as well as the chance to explore statistical research across a variety of business disciplines. “I was also attracted to Stern because it’s a small program, which allows for flexibility in course selection and one-on-one interaction with professors,” says Cheryl.

In Stern’s statistics program, faculty encourage students to explore different areas of research, and as a result, Cheryl has become very interested in the most recent studies on Machine Learning, not an area of statistics that she was familiar with before starting Stern. Other research areas of interest for Cheryl include Statistical Learning Theory, Model Selection, and Actuarial Science.

This summer Cheryl presented her current research on “Model Selection in Penalized Regressions” at the 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings. With an attendance of more than 6,000 people, the conference boasts the largest gathering of statisticians in North America.

As a side endeavor, Cheryl is working towards getting her actuarial associateship. She completed the preliminary actuarial exams by the time she started at Stern and plans to finish the higher level exams before graduation.

Cheryl graduated with a double major in Math and Economics from McGill University in Montreal. Prior to attending Stern, she was an actuary for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in Boston.

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