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May 21, 2010

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March 5, 2010

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January 22, 2010

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  • CNBC Squawk Box, June 5, 2013 ("Warning Signs You Can't Ignore: Nobel Laureate")
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  • CNBC Squawk Box, November 30, 2011 ("The Most Riskiest Global Banks")
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  • PBS Nightly Business Report, May 5, 2011 ("Crude Oil drops below 100 dollars a barrel")
  • Reuters Insider, May 5, 2011 ("Flash Crash Adviser Says More Work Needed to Prevent Another" - Robert Engle, Member Flash Crash Advisory Board)
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  • WOW Korean Economic Television, September 10, 2010 ("NYU Stern Systemic Risk Rankings")
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  • ABC News Australia, June 22, 2010, The Midday Report ("China’s Currency Call Made to Satisfy U.S.")
  • Big, May 27, 2010, Professor Robert Engle shared his thoughts on the financial crisis and necessary reforms in an exclusive interview.
  • (Financial Times), May 21, 2010 ("FT Business School: Global Financial Volatility" - presents the fifth online executive education course in partnership with NYU Stern School of Business, featuring Robert Engle, professor of finance.)
  • The Journal of Portfolio Management, May Issue, 2010 (Invited Editorial Comment)
  • CNBC Squawk Box, April 21, 2010 ("NYU Launching Daily Systemic Risk Rankings" - NYU's Stern School of Business is launching daily systemic risk rankings of the largest US financial institutions to provide an early warning system of risks to the global financial system. Robert Engle, a business professor at NYU, discusses the risk rankings with CNBC.)
  • BNN (Canada’s Business News Network), April 7, 2010 ("The Health of U.S. Financial Markets" - Robert Engle, Nobel laureate and professor of finance at NYU Stern School of Business, talks to BNN about the health of U.S. financial markets.)
  • CNBC Squawk Box, March 5, 2010 ("Robert Engle, NYU" - Nobel Laureate and NYU Professor Robert Engle on the latest unemployment figures and the health of the economy.)
  • CNBC Squawk Box, January 22, 2010 ("Parting Shots" - Last words, with Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors and Robert Engle, 2003 Noble Laureate.)
  • CNBC Squawk Box, January 22, 2010 ("Nobel Thoughts on Economy" - Insight on where the economy is heading, with Robert Engle, 2003 Nobel Laureate in economics.)
  • Bloomberg TV, September 30, 2009 ("In-Depth Look – SEC/CFTC Regulation Report" - Interview and discussion with the 2003 Nobel Prize Winner, Robert Engle. He says the key is to protect against systemic risks. )
  • Russia Today Interview, September 7, 2009 ("Nobel Economist Says Bank Bonus’ Need to Reflect Financial Risks" - The G20 called for the bonuses a bank can guarantee staff to be capped. But in an interview with RT, Nobel Prize winner Robert F. Engle III claimed the plans are misguided.)
  • CNBC Squawk Box, June 25, 2009 ("Fed, Economy & Regulation" - Robert Engle, the 2003 Nobel laureate in economics, shares his outlook on the Fed, the economy and regulation.)
  • Bloomberg TV, June 10, 2009 ("In-Depth Look – Volatility Market" – Interview and discussion with Robert Engle of the Stern School of Business. He talks about the drop in volatility in the market globally.")
  • CNBC Squawk Box, April 8, 2009 ("Slowing the Financial Crisis" - Calculating the risk the government could be taking on as it tries to solve the financial crisis, with Robert Engle, 2003 Nobel Laureate/NYU Stern School of Business professor.)
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  • TV Globo: Brazil, 2008
  • Al Jazeera, October 9, 2008 ("Riz Khan – Fear on Mainstreet – Part 2" - We take a look at the economic fears on Main Street. Riz Khan speaks with Robert Engle, the 2003 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, and Avis Jones-DeWeever, the director of the Research, Public Policy, and Information Center for African-American Women.)
  • Al Jazeera, October 8, 2008 ("Riz Khan – Fear on Mainstreet – Part 1" - We take a look at the economic fears on Main Street. Riz Khan speaks with Robert Engle, the 2003 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, and Avis Jones-DeWeever, the director of the Research, Public Policy, and Information Center for African-American Women.)
  • CNBC Squawk Box, April 25, 2008 ("Where’s the Economy Going? Nobel Winners Weigh In" - CNBC's "Squawk Box" hosted a meeting of the minds this morning: Past Nobel Prize winners shared their insight on the future of the markets.)
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