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Sharon Koppman
Beth Bechky
Andrew C Cohen
Overcoming conflict between symmetric occupations: How ‘creatives’ and ‘suits’ use gender ordering in advertising Academy of Management Journal
Ajay Bhaskarabhatla
Luis Cabral
Deepak Hegde
Thomas Peetersa
Are Inventors or Firms the Engines of Innovation? Management Science
Luis Cabral
Lei Xu
Seller reputation and price gouging: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic Economic Inquiry
Gino Cattani
Jason Kim
Variety-Seeking, Learning and Performance PLOS ONE
Brian J. Lucas
Laura M. Giurge
Zachariah Berry
Dolly Chugh
A longer shortlist increases the consideration of female candidates in male-dominant domains Nature Human Behaviour
Kate Odziemkowska
Sinziana Dorobantu
Contracting Beyond the Market Organization Science
Sungyong Chang
JP Eggers
D Daniel Keum
Bottleneck resources, market relatedness, and the dynamics of organizational growth Organization Science
Michael E Cummings
JP Eggers
Richard D Wang
Monitoring the monitor: Enabling strategic change when the former CEO stays on the board Long Range Planning,
Vinicius Chagas Brasil
Mario Sergio Salerno
JP Eggers
Leonardo Augusto de Vasconcelos Gomes
Boosting Radical Innovation Using Ambidextrous Portfolio Management Research-Technology Management
Saeedeh Ahmadi
Justin JP Jansen
JP Eggers
Using Stretch Goals for Idea Generation Among Employees: One Size Does Not Fit All! Organization Science
Nathan R Furr
JP Eggers
Behavioral innovation and corporate renewal Strategic Management Review
Tony Haitao Cui
Anindya Ghose
Hanna Halaburda
Raghuram Iyengar
Koen Pauwels
S. Sriram
Catherine Tucker
Sriramanwith Venkataraman
Informational Challenges in Omnichannel Marketing: Remedies and Future Research Journal of Marketing
Hanna Halaburda
Christoph Mueller-Bloch
When Permissioned Blockchains Deliver More Decentralization Than Permissionless Communications of ACM
Alexander Ljungqvist
Deepak Hegde
Manav Raj
Quick or Broad Patents? Evidence from US Startups CEPR Discussion Paper
Deepak Hegde
Alexander Ljungqvist
Manav Raj
Race, Glass Ceilings, and Lower Pay for Equal Work Swedish House of Finance Research Paper
Justin Tumlinson
Deepak Hegde
Information Frictions and Entrepreneurship Strategic Management Journal
Julia D.Hur
Alice Lee-Yoo
Ashley V.Whillans
Are They Useful? The Effects of Performance Incentives on the Prioritization of Work versus Personal Ties. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
Catarina R. Fernandes
Siyu Yu
Taeya M.Howell
Alison Wood Brooks
Gavin J.Kilduff
Nathan C. Pettit 
What is your status portfolio? Higher status variance across groups increases interpersonal helping but decreases intrapersonal well-being. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
Lisa M Leslie Perceptions of the appropriate response to norm violations in 57 societies Nature Communications
Ashley E. Martin
Michael S. North
Equality for (almost) all: Egalitarian advocacy predicts lower endorsement of sexism and racism, but not ageism Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Stéphane P. Francioli
Michael S. North
Youngism: The content, causes, and consequences of prejudice toward younger adults Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
L. Taylor Phillips
Sora Jun
Why benefiting from discrimination is less recognized as discrimination Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Nicholas P. Alt
L. Taylor Phillips
Person perception, meet people perception: Exploring the social vision of groups Perspectives on Psychological Science.
Eric Anicich
Jon M. Jachimowicz
Merrick Osborne
L. Taylor Phillips
Structuring local environments to avoid racial diversity: Anxiety drives Whites’ geographical and institutional self-segregation preferences Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Rosalind M. Chow
L. Taylor Phillips
Brian S. Lowery
Miguel M. Unzueta
Fighting backlash to racial equity efforts MIT Sloan Management Review
K. Francis Park
Robert C Seamans
Feng Zhu.
Multi-homing and Platform Strategies: Historical Evidence from the U.S. Newspaper Industry Strategic Management Journal
Robert C Seamans Robot census: Gathering data to improve policymaking on new technologies Brookings Institution Report
Robert C Seamans Autonomous vehicles as a “killer app” for AI Brookings Institution Report

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Stephane P.Francioli
Michael S.North
The older worker: Gender and age discrimination in the workplace Handbook of the Psychology of Aging