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Full-time MBA

Students come to NYU Stern to learn within and beyond the classroom. They are focused on bold experimentation and personal growth while seeking opportunities to use the power of business to improve society. Hear their stories.

Full-time MBA Student Stories

Tech MBA

Designed at the intersection of business and technology, Stern's focused Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA program has attracted students who are passionate about applying the tools of business to this rapidly changing global landscape. Hear their stories.

Tech MBA Student Stories

Fashion & Luxury MBA

Through immersive course experiences in Europe and around New York City, Stern's focused Fashion & Luxury MBA worked closely with a range of industry-leading clients, and applied learnings to the business needs. Hear their stories.

F&L MBA Student Stories

Preliminary Employment Updates for Focused MBA Programs

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NYU Stern Andre Koo Tech MBA

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Fashion and luxury one-pager

NYU Stern Fashion & Luxury MBA

Fashion & Luxury MBA One-Pager