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Sanjana Upadhyay headshot

Sanjana Upadhyay, MBA 2020

"I have always enjoyed solving problems creatively, collaborating in teams, and working in diverse environments. Already equipped with an academic background in engineering, I joined Stern to pursue a career in Financial Services..."

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Anthony Russ headshot

Anthony Russ, MBA 2019

"I have always endeavored to understand why problems exist and, more importantly, how to most efficiently and effectively solve them. I came to Stern with the goal of building a foundation of business knowledge and pivoting..."

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Maya Joyce headshot

Maya Joyce, MBA 2019

"After graduating from the George Washington University in 2012, I spent two years in economic consulting. Living in San Francisco was always a dream, so after a year I transferred out to the Bay Area. I quickly found the allure of tech hard to resist..."

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Eric Bauer headshot

Eric Baeur, MBA 2020

"Before coming to Stern, I spent a few years working at two different software companies, in two highly different roles. While I found the work challenging, interesting, and developmental from a professional standpoint, I wasn’t ready to commit to a specific function or industry. So, I turned my hobby of..."

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Shamit Munjal

Shamit Munjal, MBA 2019

"A native of Mumbai, India, I emigrated to the U.S. in 2008 to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology. After graduating, I moved up the coast to Boston to work at Deloitte, where I spent five years traveling the country and advising..."

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Sarah Serbiak headshot

Sarah Serbiak, MBA 2020

"Post-undergrad, I made a leap of faith and moved to New York to pursue a career in Fine Arts. I learned the meaning of ‘starving artist’ all too quickly and decided I’d rather build upon my prior experience in the retail industry..."

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Robert Francis headshot

Robert Francis, MBA 2019

"Since I began stealing my parents’ camcorder to make home movies as a child, I have loved storytelling. After four years of working in insurance and doing theater part-time, I enrolled at NYU Stern to marry my business skills with my passion for entertainment..."

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Michaela Ehimika headshot

Michaela Ehimika, MBA 2019

"I did not realize how much I enjoyed business until I was almost a year out of college. During that year, I started a small cupcake business out of my parent’s home in Abuja and something clicked. I realized that I relished..."

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Ed Gildea

Ed Gildea, MBA 2019

"Before I came to Stern, I worked in investment banking, corporate strategy, and the military. I began to realize my passion for leadership through interactions with several mentors who had previously served as military officers..."

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Abhinav Krishna headshot

Abhinav Krishna, MBA 2020

"Before coming to Stern, I worked in the Indian media industry, where I experienced first-hand the impact of digital media on the way we create and consume content. I wanted to work in technology, but I needed a strong conceptual understanding of business..."

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Jessie Kaliski

Jessie Kaliski, MBA 2020

"I found my inspiration my junior year of college. A professor related a story in which toilets were installed in a community, only to be refurbished into storehouses for agricultural equipment. The community completely neglected..."

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Ashwin Advani

Ashwin Advani, MBA 2020

"Prior to business school, I had taken risks to make a few drastic career changes and gained experience in management consulting, healthcare, international development, and tech start-ups. When I look back at my non-traditional career..."

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