Sanjana Upadhyay, MBA 2020

"I have always enjoyed solving problems, collaborating in teams, and working in diverse environments. Equipped with an academic background in engineering, I joined Stern to pursue a career in Financial Services, given the fast-paced nature of the industry and exposure to various products, clients and markets. Stern was an obvious choice given its vast alumni network, rigorous finance curriculum and incredible location. After joining Stern, I was immediately immersed in programming from the Office of Career Development (OCD). What stood out was the concerted and enthusiastic effort by the OCD Career Mentors, Career Coaches and MBA2s to ensure that there was a constant feedback loop and closing of any gaps as I moved along in the process. The resources offered by the OCD, as well as the support system fostered within my class, were crucial in helping me successfully navigate the process. I am also glad to have been able to meet a fantastic group of people within my class and through Stern’s alumni network. I interned with the M&A group at Evercore Partners in NYC this past summer, and in my second year, I hope to be able to give back as a Career Mentor with OCD and as VP of International Recruiting with the Graduate Finance Association."

Anthony Russ, MBA 2019

"Whether it be a math problem or a personal disagreement, I have always endeavored to understand why problems exist and, more importantly, how to most efficiently and effectively solve them. I came to Stern with the goal of building a foundation of business knowledge and pivoting to a career in management consulting. From resume reviews to pitch sessions, mock networking chats to mock interviews, the Office of Career Development (OCD) has worked hand-in-hand with the professional clubs and MBA2s to ensure that I and my classmates were prepared for success. I can confidently say that without the support system of the Stern community, spearheaded by the team in OCD, I would not have been able to successfully navigate the recruiting process and secure an internship, and ultimately a full-time role, with Ernst & Young’s M&A Advisory group."

Maya Joyce, MBA 2020

"After graduating from the George Washington University in 2012, I spent two years in economic consulting. Living in San Francisco was always a dream, so after a year I transferred out to the Bay Area. I quickly found the allure of tech hard to resist, so I took a risk and left my consulting firm for a role in analytics at a bootstrap startup. I loved it. I later transitioned to a larger firm, Zenefits, where I spent two years working in operations and then product management. Having bounced between industries and functions, I wanted to fill in the missing pieces. I applied to business school. I was thrilled to attend Stern and immediately joined the Stern Technology Association (STA). As an Assistant Vice President for the STA Tech Week committee, I worked closely with the Office of Career Development (OCD) to source panelists for our week-long programming. Their dedication to our club made the event a huge success. With the help of OCD mock interviews, resume reviews, and a lot of interview prep with my classmates, I successfully recruited to Facebook. I spent my summer as a Client Solutions Manager helping tech firms grow their business on the platform. I absolutely loved my experience, returning to Facebook full-time after graduating. I am so grateful to OCD and Stern as a whole for the opportunities and resources they have given me."  

Eric Bauer, MBA 2020

"I spent a few years working at two different software companies, in two different roles. While I found the work challenging, interesting, and developmental from a professional standpoint, I wasn’t ready to commit to a specific function or industry. So, I turned my hobby of collecting sneakers into a business by co-founding a sneaker trading house with a friend. Stepping out of the comfort zone of a traditional career to pursue this entrepreneurial venture made me realize how much I enjoyed owning my work and pushing through uncertainties in order to create value. This newfound realization prompted me to pursue consulting. Once at Stern, I immediately began to leverage all of the resources that Stern provided – the Office of Career Development (OCD), my incredible classmates, the know-how of the faculty – to make sure that I could successfully navigate the intimidating recruiting process. The guidance allowed me to sharpen my personal brand and strengthen my confidence, and with that, I secured a summer internship at a consulting firm. In my second year at Stern, I hope to repay the tremendous help I received by serving as a Career Mentor with OCD and an Orientation Leader for the incoming class. I look forward to helping students navigate the recruiting process and work through any uncertainties about career decisions."

Shamit Munjal, MBA 2019

"A native of Mumbai, India, I emigrated to the U.S. in 2008 to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology. After graduating, I moved up the coast to Boston to work at Deloitte, where I spent five years traveling the country and advising clients on operational and post-merger improvements. I realized I was more interested in the financial transactions that drove the work that I was doing, which led me to decide to pursue an MBA in Investment Banking. My decision to come to Stern was an easy one: no other school boasts such a world-renowned faculty, a rigorous finance curriculum, and a vast network of alumni across Wall Street. During my first year, the Investment Banking recruiting process proved to be daunting, with countless corporate presentations and networking events added to an already-challenging MBA curriculum. The guiding force behind my success was the Office of Career Development (OCD). The programming  was tailored to my job search, including events like Pitch Practice, Mock Interviews, Resume Reviews and  events specifically for International Students. The OCD team was an ever-present pillar of strength, helping me navigate tough decisions and conversations with bankers. I accepted a full-time role on the Mergers and Acquisitions team at J.P. Morgan, where I will build on the skills I gained at Stern and serve as an ambassador for our school."

Sarah Serbiak, MBA 2020

"Post-undergrad, I made a leap of faith and moved to New York to pursue a career in Fine Arts. I learned the meaning of ‘starving artist’ all too quickly and decided I’d rather build upon my prior experience in the retail industry. I spent 5 years at, a tech-based wedding company, where I had the rare opportunity to peak behind the curtain of a fledgling company and witness its transition from that to a company on the path to being a unicorn. I learned how to build a business, but why found success so quickly. Business school was the next step. Given my non-traditional background, I relied heavily on the Office of Career Development (OCD) to refine my personal brand and craft a narrative capable of conveying how my experience would benefit a Fortune 500 company. I secured an internship with Johnson & Johnson over the summer, and I am looking forward to augmenting my professional experience with insights from a business at scale. From reviewing my resume to editing my cover letters to practicing the S.T.A.R. response format, OCD has been an integral part of my success."

Robert Francis, MBA 2019

"Since I began stealing my parents’ camcorder to make home movies as a child, I have loved storytelling. After four years of working in insurance and doing theater part-time, I enrolled at NYU Stern to marry my business skills with my passion for entertainment by working in a strategic role in the entertainment industry. The Office of Career Development (OCD) worked with me to create a non-traditional recruiting strategy, including connecting with alumni in the entertainment industry and visiting various companies with the Entertainment, Media, and Sports Association. I have been able to share my love of storytelling with my classmates through my involvement in Stern Follies, a club that produces an annual, student-written musical parody of the business school experience. With the knowledge gained from my classes and the strategy developed with OCD, I secured my top-choice internship at Disney Theatrical Group, where I worked for the Strategy and Business Development team."

Michaela Ehimika, MBA 2019

"I did not realize how much I enjoyed business until I was almost a year out of college. During that year, I started a small cupcake business out of my parent’s home in Abuja and something clicked. I realized that I relished the day-to-day challenges of running a business, whether it was figuring out how to reach more customers or securing a supplier contract. After returning to the United States, I pivoted into marketing for small businesses and nonprofits. I was accepted to Stern in 2017, where I became familiar with the Office of Career Development (OCD). They helped me realize my true passion was creating and building something of value, which led me to consider a role I never thought I would ever be interested in: Tech Product Management. Thankfully, OCD specializes in helping students like me who want to make seemingly unrelated career pivots. We worked together on my resume to highlight transferable skills that would make me attractive to tech firms, and the mock interviews helped ensure I was ready for grueling interviews. Thanks to their support, I secured an internship as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon, and returned upon graduation to work there full-time."

Ed Gildea, MBA 2019

"Before I came to Stern, I worked in investment banking, corporate strategy, and the military. I began to realize my passion for leadership through interactions with several mentors who had previously served as military officers. I applied and was accepted into the Marines, where I served as an infantry officer. While I enjoyed my time in the military, I wanted to apply the leadership skills I had developed to the corporate world. I quickly realized I needed to expand my skill set and applied to Stern to bolster my general business acumen. Upon arriving at Stern, the Office of Career Development (OCD) worked with me to ensure I would be successful. From resume reviews and mock interviews, to coffee chats and corporate presentations, the OCD team supported me in my recruiting process. After meeting with members of the Restaurant Brands International (RBI) team, I found the firm’s leadership opportunities a great fit. I interned at RBI’s Tim Hortons brand in Toronto in summer 2018, leveraging my work experience and the skills I acquired at Stern to drive value at RBI."

Abhinav Krishna, MBA 2020

"When I worked in the Indian media industry before arriving at Stern, I experienced first-hand the impact of digital media on the way we create and consume content. I wanted to work in technology, but I needed a strong conceptual understanding of business with a focus on technology, and a robust professional network that would help me in the long term. NYU Stern stood out for me because it provides unparalleled access. The Office of Career Development (OCD) facilitates corporate presentations and coffee chats with leading firms in all major industries, making it easy to forge connections and learn more about prospective career options. Recruiting was a daunting prospect to begin with, but with consistent support from OCD career coaches guiding me through every step of the process, I secured an internship with Amazon for the summer of 2019. Working as a Graduate Fellow with OCD during my second year at Stern, I plan to extend the same level of support I received from my Stern seniors to new MBA students, and help them put their best foot forward."

Jessie Kaliski, MBA 2020

"I found my inspiration my junior year in college. A professor related a story in which toilets were installed in a community, only to be refurbished into storehouses for agricultural equipment. The community completely neglected the original purpose of the toilet, opting to use the toilet sheds, and its convenient lock, for a more immediate need. This story propelled me to join a Cape Town-based social enterprise that harnesses the power of cell phones to monitor water and sanitation infrastructure in developing countries. I'm in my third year in a three-year dual degree program with Stern and the Wagner School of Public Service. Although I initially returned to school to develop strong business acumen, I’ve since recognized another area I need to develop: leadership. Stern provided me with countless opportunities to explore my personal mission statement and figure out how to transform weak points into opportunities for growth. OCD helped me recognize the importance of figuring out where, how, and why I want to have impact, and with this in mind, has helped me determine the steps I need to take both personally and professionally to obtain my ‘dream job.’"

Ashwin Advani, MBA 2020

"Prior to business school, I had taken risks to make a few drastic career changes and gained experience in management consulting, healthcare, international development, and tech start-ups. When I look back at my non-traditional career, I appreciate its non-linearity and believe that it, eventually, led me to Stern. I came to Stern with an open mind, and quickly found investment banking as an appealing option for working in a dynamic learning environment and having an impact on a large scale. I felt incredibly lucky to have Stern as a platform to make the difficult pivot into investment banking. I relied on the Office of Career Development (OCD) and the Graduate Finance Association (GFA) to help me position myself for the recruitment process. I received honest feedback on my candidacy, ideas on how to improve during mock interviews, and a strategy to manage each stage of the process. OCD and GFA were instrumental in helping me to leverage a supportive and impactful alumni network. I decided to become an OCD Career Mentor, based on my experience with OCD, to provide the same level of strategic advice, empathy, and support for the next round of classmates to maximize their experience at Stern and fulfill their professional aspirations."