Insurance Research

Insurance companies play a central role in enabling social and economic activities by sharing risks across consumers and households, and by sharing risks with the broader financial sector through, for instance, reinsurance. In addition, given the long-term nature of insurance, insurance companies are an important group of long-term investors in global financial markets. In this research program, we focus on questions related to risk management and regulation, including discussions related to systemic risk, and asset management, as well as more topical issues related to, for instance, the challenges associated with the ongoing low-interest rate environment. We cover all major areas of insurance like life, property and casualty, and health, but also emerging risks like cyber risk. Given the global nature of insurance, we also study the role of global insurers in both developed and emerging economies. We plan to organize seminars and conferences, provide access to unique datasets, and publicize the research efforts of NYU faculty in this important field.