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COVID-19 Research

The latest research on the pandemic from VRI faculty

Real-time Analysis on V-Lab

Our faculty and staff have been examining the effects of COVID-19 as it continues to spread across the world. Notably, we've added a real-time analysis to V-Lab and have also conducted research on the economic impact of the pandemic from using our multiple lenses of risk.  

The COVID-19 analysis page to V-Lab considers the financial market impact of the global pandemic and tracks the status of the spread along with financial stress indicators. The analysis shows spread of confirmed cases throughout the globe, as well as the relative stock market volatility of countries around the world.

Papers on the impact of COVID-19 from VRI Faculty

  • Acharya, Viral and Sascha Steffen, "The risk of being a fallen angel and the corporate dash for cash in the midst of COVID," forthcoming in Review of Corporate Financial Studies
  • Acharya, Viral and Sascha Steffen, "'Stress Test' for Banks as Liquidity Providers in a time of COVID," VoxEu, March 22, 2020.
  • ​​​​​Altman, Edward, "COVID-19 And The Credit Cycle," Journal of Credit Risk, 16(2): 1-28
  • Engle, Robert, Nazli Sila Alan, and Ahmet K Karagozoglu. "Multi-regime Forecasting Model for the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Volatility in Global Equity Markets." Volatility and Risk Institute Working Paper, New York University, 2020.
  • Philippon, Thomas, Callum Jones, and Venky Venkateswaran, "Optimal mitigation policies in a pandemic: Social distancing and working from home," National Bureau of Economic Research, 2020.
  • Philippon, Thomas, Olivier Blanchard, and Jean Pisani-Ferry. "A new policy toolkit is needed as countries exit COVID-19 lockdowns," Peterson Institute for International Economics Policy Brief, 2020.
  • Subrahmanyam, Marti G., Boot, Arnoud WA, Elena Carletti, Hans-Helmut Kotz, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Loriana Pelizzon. "Corona and financial stability 4.0: Implementing a european pandemic equity fund." No. 84. SAFE Policy Letter, 2020.
  • Subrahmanyam, Marti G., Carletti, Elena, Tommaso Oliviero, Marco Pagano, Loriana Pelizzon. "The Covid-19 shock and equity shortfall: Firm-level evidence from Italy." The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 9(3): 534–568, November 2020.

VRI Faculty's COVID-19 Research in the Media

  • Professor Viral Acharya's co-authored op-ed on "3 ways to ensure SBA aid for small businesses helps those who need it most" in MarketWatch
  • Professor Edward Altman’s research is featured in the Financial Times: “How Covid-19 Sparked a Dividend Drought for Investors.”
  • Professor Edward Amoroso’s panel discussion on the role of CISOs in the response to the pandemic was featured in InfoSecurity Magazine
  • Professors Richard Berner and Kim Schoenholtz discuss the Fed’s response to COVID-19 in The Economist.
  • Professor Robert Engle argues that the coronavirus pandemic could be a "dress rehearsal" for the climate crisis in China Daily.
  • Professor Joshua Epstein warns of the potential for a virus resurgence akin to 1918 Spanish flu.
  • Professor Thomas Philippon agures in the New York Times that the COVID-19 pandemic has provided Big Tech companies unprecedented reach into our lives.
  • Professor Kim Kim Schoenholtz discusses "COVID-19 Stress Test" on his blog, Money and Banking.

Covid-19: Policy Responses to the Economic Fallout

Professors Richard Berner, Kim Schoenholtz and Lawrence J. White present on “Covid-19: Policy Responses to the Economic Fallout” at a NYU Stern Faculty Insights seminar

Measuring the Financial Impact of Covid-19

Professor Engle presents his research on "Measuring the Financial Impact of Covid-19" at a NYU Stern Faculty Insights seminar

Coronavirus and the Credit Cycle: From Froth to Crisis in a Fortnight

Professor Altman presents his research on "Coronavirus and the Credit Cycle: From Froth to Crisis in a Fortnight and Beyond" at a NYU Stern Faculty Insights seminar

The Coronavirus Crisis and the Future of Europe

Professor Subrahmanyam presents his research on "The Coronavirus Crisis and the Future of Europe" at a NYU Stern Faculty Insights seminar

Optimal Mitigation Policies in a Pandemic

Professor Philippon presents his research on "Optimal Mitigation Policies in a Pandemic" at a NYU Stern Faculty Insights seminar

The Crash of Bank Stock Prices During Covid-19

Professor Viral Acharya discusses his research on "The Crash of Bank Stock Prices During Covid-19" at a NYU Stern Faculty Insights seminar