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Connect with other individuals at NYU and beyond. Our private social network is for industry leaders, venture capitalists, and NYU community members.

Join the NYU Startup Hub

Over the past several years at NYU, we've seen tremendous growth in both demand and resources focused on startups and entrepreneurship. However, despite this growth in events, resources, and opportunities across NYU, it still feels like there is no true way for individuals on campus and in the industry to connect, discover, and share with each other online. This is why we're excited to welcome you to join our community platform:
  • Ask for help and advice with posts, links, questions, polls, and more
  • Chat with advisors, fellow students, or entire groups of people in real-time
  • Find your next co-founder, developer, and other individuals to work with
  • On-demand access to the community from your work, home, or on the go
  • Set notifications via email or mobile app to stay updated on new activity
  • Highlight your startup, skills, and interests on your individual profile

Together, we are the voice of 21st century innovation and entrepreneurship, and it is this ever-increasing exchange of ideas that causes the ever-increasing rate of innovation in the modern world. Here at NYU, we are in the business of generating and sharing ideas. It’s the most important thing we do, and we strive to be the mechanism for this purpose. Join us by adding your voice.