This is an image of Finals at the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge in Paulson Auditorium.

2018-2019 $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge Finalists

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New Venture Teams

Two founders holding a tooth brush and fake teeth.


CariedAway is keeping kids cavity-free through preventive care treatments performed conveniently in school settings rather than at dentists' offices.

Two male founders holding a fake car and an app.


CurbGenie is helping air travelers get to their gates on time by arming them with an app that facilitates hassle-free curbside rental car returns.

A photo of a male founder smiling in a leather jacket by both a laptop and an iPad.


GigFinesse is helping both venues and artists maximize their exposure and revenue through an online gig booking platform that streamlines the process for all parties.

Three founders seated together crossing their arms.

Revelio Labs

Revelio Labs is bringing standardization and greater transparency to the talent management process through easy-to-use, company-level statistics on labor market trends.

a photo of a female and male founder posing for a portrait photo.


Verge.Capital will be a pan-European credit score provider that enables consumers and financial institutions to universally assess affordability and creditworthiness of individuals by utilizing machine learning on top of open banking APIs.

Social Venture Teams

This is an image of five founders standing together.

Dotted Square Inc.

Dotted Square Inc. is empowering migrant workers to provide for their families back home through an app that enables cashless purchases from local merchants.

Two founders (a male and a female) holding a pill bottle.


QuikReversal is tackling the dangerous opioid epidemic by developing a wearable path that dispenses naloxone automatically when needed.

A photo of four founder holding mason jars.


SeaStraws is making our oceans cleaner and safer by producing disposable, compostable alternatives to the plastic straws.

A photo of a female founder posing for a portrait photo.


SoCo is bringing people together over food. More specifically, crafting gourmet tahinis through an Israeli-Palestinian collaboration.

Technology Venture Teams

Two male founders standing next to a table.

Blue Instrument Inc.

Blue Instrument Inc. is preventing catastrophic wind turbine failure via a fiber-optic system that detects abnormalities in real-time.

Two male founders in front of a play house.


FlareAgent is making real estate transactions seamless and transparent through automation of redundant tasks and a collaborative document signing process.

This is an image of two founders posing for a photo and holding a fake brain.


MICSI is reducing medical equipment costs through an imaging software for radiologists that can mimic millions of dollars of MRI hardware improvements for the price of software.

This is a photo of two male founders posing for a portrait.


Pi-Radio is creating fully digital mmWave transceiver radios that can be integrated in base stations, smartphones and cars.

This is a photo of four founders posing for a portrait photo.

React Power

React Power is commercializing a solid-state and energy dense material for energy and cleantech applications, including electrical energy generation and underground hydrocarbon extraction.