This is an image of three students at the Venture Showcase looking at a fake human skull.

17th Annual NYU Venture Showcase Teams

Meet 40+ of NYU's best and brightest startups at our 17th Annual Venture Showcase. Mix and mingle with innovators and investors, changemakers and doers, all from the vibrant NYU and NYC entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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This is an image of the Autotoon team with three male founders at a white table.


Enabling mobile game and app publishers to turn existing videos into 3D animated, interactive marketing content through a user acquisition platform.

This is a photo of five female founders in business formal clothing.


Reducing the detrimental effects of honey bee colony collapse on U.S. agriculture by developing a "smart home" for honey bee hives.

This is a team of two founders for the Blue Instrument Team.

Blue Instrument Inc.

Preventing catastrophic wind turbine failure via a fiber-optic system that detects abnormalities in real-time.

This is a photo of three founders: one is in a suit sitting on a chair, one is a doctor and one is looking at a cell phone.

Care Heart

Optimizing recovery and quality of life for heart failure patients by managing their care remotely.

This is a photo of two male founders, one holding a tooth brush, one holding fake teeth.


Keeping kids cavity-free through preventive care treatments performed conveniently in school settings rather than at dentists' office.

This is a photo of five male founders all in suit jackets.


Revitalizing local economies by rewarding residents with property tax credits when they shop locally.

This is a photo of two male founders standing for a professional photo.

Consensus Health

Bringing specialty medical care to underserved areas via a digital platform that facilitates connections to credentialed physicians.

This is a male founder with dog food on a table throwing a dog bone in the air.

Crafted Kibble

Catering to dog owners who want only the very best for their pets by developing customized pre-portioned meals that are delivered fresh monthly.

This is an image of three founders staring at a piece of life-size DNA.


Enabling pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their research process using a technology that allows for better determination of molecular structures.

This is a photo of two male founders with a laptop on a table and one founder is holding a toy car.


Helping air travelers get to their gates on time by arming them with an app that facilitates hassle-free curbside rental car returns.

This is an image of 5 individuals on the dotted square team standing in front of a backdrop posing for a team photo.

Dotted Square Inc.

Empowering migrant workers to provide for their families back home through an app that enables cashless purchases from local merchants.

A founder stands with a fish cut out next to a table.


Allowing fishermen in developing countries to determine and sell at fair market prices through a text messaging service that provides real-time market information.

This is an image of a male founder at a white table with both a laptop and tablet open.


Helping both venues and artists maximize their exposure and revenue through an online gig booking platform that streamlines the process for all parties.

This is a photo of an adult female playing with a male toddler on top of a white table.

Fertility for Me

Offering a helping hand and some peace of mind to women struggling with infertility via a comprehensive, personalized journey map to motherhood.

This is a photo of three male founders


Giving budget-conscious individuals access to luxury clothing brands through an online marketplace where they can rent gender-neutral, high-fashion streetwear.

This is an image of two male founders standing in front of a doll house.

Flare Agent

Making real estate transactions seamless and transparent through automation of redundant tasks and a collaborative document signing process.

Two female founders standing for a professional team photo.


Enabling millennial donors to maximize their impact by allowing them to donate at the cause-level.

This is a photo of two founders by a device (a robotic guide dog) posing for a professional photo.


Assisting the blind and/or visually impaired with a robotic guide doc that features indoor and outdoor self-driving, obstacle avoidance, audio situation description, GPS wayfinding, and the ability to book a cab.

Two female founders are seated at a table.

Govern for America

Creating more effective state governments by recruiting, training, and supporting the next generation of public sector leaders from top universities.

This is an image of three male founders posing for a team photo.

Grounded Upcycling

Promoting sustainable practices by creatively repurposing organic waste into household products.

This is a photo of a female founder sitting at a table.

Habit House

Empowering ambitious women to live their best lives by providing them a personalized text message wellness coach that holds them accountable to building one healthy habit at a time.

This is an image of three founders, one of which is holding a medical device on his wrist.

Handii 3D

Helping children with cerebral palsy through the use of affordable, custom hand orthotics.

This is a photo of two founders, one of which is in hospital scrubs holding a model human eye.


Reducing the inefficiencies and errors associated with cataract surgery using a digital workflow solution that connects all clinical and administrative parties involved.

This is a photo of two male founders holding toy cars.


Making the car buying experience simple and transparent through an e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly search for lease deals from new car dealers.

This is a photo of two female founders with a collection of books at a table.


Fostering an innate love of reading in kids through a digital platform that allows the to create self-directed reading journeys.

A photo of two founders holding a glass and a bottle of wine.

Mary Taylor Wine

Bringing fine European wines to the American mass market by curating products from lesser known European growers and helping consumers decipher their origins and flavors.

Team Micsi consists of two men standing at a white table holding a fake human brain.


Reducing medical equiptment costs through an imaging software for radiologists that can mimic millions of dollars of MRI hardware improvements for the price of software.

This is a photo of three founders seated at a table holding a laptop.


Helping insurance agents do their jobs more efficiently by providing them a digital front desk that automates client interactions.

This is an image of four founders posing for a team photo holding books.

Pro BoKnow

Paving a path for high school students to their dream schools by connecting them to volunteer tutors who are looking for service opportunities.

This is an image of two founders posing for a team photo.


Creating fully digital mmWave transceiver radios that can be integrated in base stations, smartphones and cars.

A photo of two founders holding a pill pack and standing in front of a white table.


Tackling the dangerous opioid epidemic by developing a wearable patch that dispenses naloxone automatically when needed.

This is an image of the React Power team including three males and one female in front of a blank background.

React Power

Commercializing a sold-state and energy dense material for energy and cleantech applications, including electrical energy generation and underground hydrocarbon extraction.

This is an image of two male founders and one female founder.

Revelio Labs

Bringing standardization and greater transparency to the talent management process through easy-to-use, company-level statistics on labor market trends.

This is photo of four undergraduate founders holding cups and sustainable straws.


Making our oceans cleaner and safer by producing disposable, compostable alternatives to plastic straws.

A team of three female founders sitting with an exam utilized by optometrists.


Providing low-income patients in India with affordable, at-home eye care.

This is an image of a founder holding an apple for a professional photo.


A wellness program designed to enhance the health and resilience of the cast and production crews on movie sets.

Three founders are seated in front of a white table holding a white logo


Making food waste a thing of the past by leveraging AI to optimize commercial food service planning and preparation.

A photo of a female founder posing for a portrait photo.


Bringing people together over food. More specifically, crafting gourmet tahinis through an Isreali-Palestinian collaboration.

This is an image of a female founder with ice cream pints on a table.

Sweet Nova

Fueling millennial hustlers in a fun and healthy way with an "ice cream" snack that is 100 percent plant-based, dairy-free, and full of vitamins and minerals.

This is an image of a male founder seated at a table.


Maximizing the success rate of later-stage clinical trials through a software that connects trial sponsors with potential participants.

This is a photo of three male founders at a table.


Optimizing real-time restaurant table management through a predictive learning system that identifies patterns in customers' eating habits.

Two female founders are standing by a table.


Helping job seekers forge career paths they'll love through a process of learning, exploration and reflection via a digital career discovery platform.

This is an image of a male and female founder.


Enabling E. U. citizens to carry their credit scores across the E. U. freely as the pan-European credit score provider.