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Office for Diversity and Inclusion Training

Dr. Mullins and team can facilitate a variety of training modules for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, academic departments and administrative units. Take a look at examples of past training facilitated by Dr. Mullins and colleagues.

Past Training with Dr. Mullins and Colleagues

Implicit Bias (1 Hour Session)

In contrast to explicit biases, which are the overt thoughts and actions that impact perception, decision-making and behavior, the “Implicit Bias” course focuses on the more subtle, automatic reactions toward other people generated from past learning and expectations.

Authentic Allyship (1 Hour Session)

The workshop positions students of all backgrounds, identities, and genders to successfully undertake allyship at school, work and beyond.

Pronouns Workshop (1 Hour Session)

This seminar helps the Stern community learn how to use people’s correct pronouns.

Dedication 2 Community (D2C): Awareness and Action Forum (3 Hour Session)

An international forum for the exchange of ideas in business and society. The purpose of the tour is to empower all generations in business, bringing them out from behind traditional means of learning by encouraging them to interact with successful executives in a real-time, exciting and in-person dialogue. The D2C tour was created by M. Quentin Williams, a well-respected attorney, business advisor and crisis management consultant with more than 25 years of established legal and business experti

Engaging in Meaningful Dialogue (2 Hour Session)

This mastery explores principles and strategies that will allow us to engage in meaningful dialogue with others across economic, social, and ideological differences. Why do we experience difficult conversations as humans? How can we turn conflicts into constructive and profound conversations? This is difficult to do. We do not expect to have all the answers by the end of this mastery. Learning Objectives: Key objectives of the session include: 1) Explore the social dynamics that turn conversatio

Exploring the Nuances in Intersectionality (1 Hour Session)

Explore the history and importance of intersectionality in the work we do as peers, colleagues, and educators at Stern and beyond. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how intersectionality shows up in each of us and help us develop practical applications of this work in our daily lives.

Fireside Chat with Black and Hispanic Entrepreneurs (1 Hour Session)

An opportunity for young emerging business owners to learn about starting a business as a founder of color. The event featured a panel of speakers as well as networking opportunities for students to learn from each other.

Claiming and Creating your Space at NYU Stern and Beyond (1 Hour Session)

Learn how to navigate NYU as members of underrepresented groups. Focusing on the benefits of practicing a multifaceted approach to making the most of your time here–an approach that highlights the connections between seemingly opposing ideas, such as prioritizing and tending to your needs as individuals and recognizing and drawing upon your collective strength as a community. This workshop centers on thriving at NYU, creating successful futures, and enjoying your unique journey(s) along the way.

Being Black in... Series (1 Hour Sessions)

Offering a customized series, Victor Mullins, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion will sit down with featured guests to talk about their career paths, the challenges they’ve faced and their advice on making it in the business world.

Stern Reading and Dialogue Series (1 Hour Sessions)

Stern faculty, staff, students and alumni are invited to engage in select readings (poetry, text, etc.) followed by thought provoking discussion.
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