The NYU Stern Breakthrough Scholars Leadership Program is a four-year program that equips a select group of Stern undergraduate students with the skills and relationships needed to excel at school and in their professional careers. The program offers cohort-based leadership workshops and activities to complement the academic support, extracurricular, and career development resources available to all Stern students.

The Breakthrough Scholars Leadership Program exemplifies Stern's dual commitments to make college accessible to students and cultivate on-campus leaders from underrepresented backgrounds. The scholars are from all over the country and have a wide range of interests. Some Scholars are first-generation, and all of the Scholars exhibit a commitment to leadership and community service. With the help of a strong support network of peers, mentors, and sponsors, Breakthrough Scholars can discover their interests and realize their full potential at NYU.

During the program, Scholars will:

Develop their sense of purpose;

Cultivate diverse networks of meaningful relationships that advance their capacity to create impact;

Engage in academic, service, and/or professional activities that align with their purpose; and

Articulate compelling narratives about their purpose, impact, and ambitions that enable them to gain support for their leadership work