IDBE Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


A culture where every member of the NYU Stern community has a sense of belonging to the institution.


NYU Stern’s Strategic Plan for Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging & Equity affirms the campus's commitment to students, faculty, and staff to provide access, opportunity, equitable and just treatment, and advancement for all.

This commitment aligns with NYU’s mission to be a top quality international center of scholarship, teaching and research. 

Our goal is to transform NYU Stern into an equitable and inclusive instituion that is a thought leader in inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity and a best in class institution with regard to faculty, staff, and student intercultural education, development and understanding. 

Strategic Plan 2020-2021

Advancing IDBE @ Stern


Becoming a Thought Leader and Best in Class in IDBE

Understanding the current state

  • Internal and external benchmarking

  • Build a network of professionals in the IDBE environment

  • Audit current practices, procedures, and policies with an IDBE mindset

  • Learn the current culture (faculty, student, program, staff)

  • Identify the needs of current and future stakeholders

Develop a baseline on where we should be as institution

  • Every student should understand the concept of personal intercultural development

  • Depending on the program and situation, students should be required to submit an intercultural development plan (e.g. Study Abroad programs including DBI, ISP, and full semester abroad)

  • Every faculty member should be given the opportunity to understand what creating an inclusive classroom environment means

  • Every senior administrator should create their own intercultural development plan

Create content, programming, and an educational approach

  • Program specific

  • Stakeholder specific

  • Incremental and unique

Key Recommendations:

  • Rethinking how we build relationships with our students

  • Educate our students with an IDBE mindset

  • Develop new approaches to how we hire faculty/staff and admit students

  • Develop pipeline programs to increase the population of underrepresented individuals

  • Create partnerships with organizations that allow us to strengthen our diversity

  • Develop ways to measure success beyond the composition of our environment