The Board of Overseers

The business leaders who make up Stern's Board of Overseers play a critical role in shaping the School's programs, policies, and procedures and in directing its future course. Collectively, the Board ensures that Stern's academic programs continue to meet - and anticipate - the needs of today’s business marketplace. Individually, its members help to forge and enhance relationships between Stern and the business community.

Tania Ahuja (PhD '01)
Managing Director
U.S. Operations at Arkera

Antonio C. Alvarez, II (MBA '76)
Co- Chief Executive Officer
Alvarez & Marsal

Edward E. Barr (BS '57)
Chairman, United Water Resources;
Chairman (Retired), Sun Chemical Corporation

Dietrich Becker (MBA '91)
Perella Weinberg Partners UK, LLP

William R. Berkley (BS '66)
Chair, NYU Trustees
Chair Emeritus of the Board of Overseers

Executive Chairman
W. R. Berkley Corporation

Thor Björgólfsson (BS '91)
Novator Partners, LLP

Ronald E. Blaylock (MBA '89)
Managing Partner
GenNx360 Capital Partners

Milos Brajovic (MBA '97, BS '93)
Lantern Capital Partners

Charles Chen (MBA '91)
Eyon Holding Group

Jerry L. Cohen (MBA '59, BS '53)
Senior Advisor
Tishman Speyer Properties

Pamela Craig (MBA ‘84)
Board Member
Merck & Co and Akamai Technologies

Nomi Ghez (GSAS '76, ADCRT '81)
Co-Founding Partner, Circle Financial Group
Partner (Retired), Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Bob Greifeld (MBA '87)
Co-Founder, North Island Ventures
Chairman of Virtu Financial

Jack Kassin
Best Brands Home Products Inc.

Henry Kaufman (ARTS '48, PhD '58)
NYU Life Trustee
Chair Emeritus of the Board of Overseers

Henry Kaufman & Company, Inc.

David Ko (BS '93)
President and COO
Rally Health, Inc.

Andre J.L. Koo (MBA '94)
NYU Trustee
Chair of the Board of Overseers

Chairman, Chailease Group

Kenneth G. Langone (MBA '60)
Vice Chairman, NYU Trustees
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Invemed Associates LLC

Judy Lee (BS '88)
CEO and Founder
Dragonfly Capital

Alison Mass (BS '80, MBA '81)
Global Head – Financial and Strategic Investors Group
in the Investment Banking Division
Goldman Sachs & Co.

Richmond Mayo-Smith, III (MBA '86)
Climate Finance Partners

Howard M. Meyers (BS '64)
NYU Trustee
Quexco Incorporated

Philip L. Milstein (MBA '74)
Ogden CAP Properties, LLC

Timothy H. Moe (WSC '79, MBA '84)
Partner and Co-Head of Macro Research
Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC

Ignacio Pakciarz (MBA '96)
Founder and CEO
BigSur Partners

Mark R. Patterson (MBA '86)
Non Executive Chairman
MatlinPatterson Global Advisers LLC

John A. Paulson (BS '78)
NYU Trustee
Paulson & Co. Inc.

Ira Leon Rennert (MBA '56)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Renco Group, Inc.

James "Great Neck" Richman
President and CEO
Richloom Fabrics Group, Inc.

Brett B. Rochkind (BS '98)
NYU Trustee
General Partner

Franck Ruimy (MBA '02)
Chief Executive Officer
Aerium Finance

Ellen J. Schapps Richman (MBA '79)
Adjunct Professor
Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Alok Singh (MBA '75)
Co-Founder and Managing Principal
Bridge Growth Partners

Leonard N. Stern (BS '57, MBA '59)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Hartz Group, Inc.

Chandrika Tandon
Vice Chair, NYU Trustees
Tandon Capital Associates

Richard Tsai (MBA '81)
Fubon Financial Holding Co.

Steven M. Zelin (MBA '91)
PJT Partners