Stern Returns: Spring 2022

Vaccination Requirements

All members of the NYU community are required to get a booster shot and upload proof of having received it by January 18, 2022.

Masks/Face Coverings

Masks remain mandatory for every person in Stern buildings (KMC, Shimkin, Tisch) in all common areas, including classrooms, conference rooms and offices with more than one person.


Six foot distancing is no longer required for students, faculty and administrators who are fully vaccinated or who have received an approved exemption and are part of NYU's testing protocol. Unvaccinated visitors must maintain a six foot distance even with proof of a negative PCR test.

Spring Semester and Resuming In-Person Classes on January 24, 2022

NYU will resume in-person classes when the spring semester begins on January 24, 2022.

Affiliate, Vendor and Visitor Policy

At the start of the spring semester, only essential visitors will be permitted on campus.

Affiliates, vendors, and visitors are—with rare exceptions—not permitted to participate in events, meetings, and gatherings until further notice. Only affiliates, vendors, and visitors whose in-person presence is essential to the University’s academic mission and core operations will be granted access to NYU buildings.

NYU requires campus visitors and vendors to receive a COVID-19 booster vaccination as soon as they are eligible. Campus visitors and vendors will receive a notification in late January instructing them on how to upload their booster vaccination. 

After January 28, 2022, those who have not obtained a booster vaccination should not attempt to enter any NYU buildings. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the loss of campus access privileges.

Campus Access Protocol

Campus visits continue to require advanced planning and adherence to the following practices:

  • All visitors and vendors must be sponsored by an NYU employee. Sponsors should visit here: NYU Affiliate, Vendor, and Visitor Access Request Form
  • All visitors and vendors must upload proof of full vaccination (including Booster) against COVID-19 3-5 business days in advance of visiting campus or claim a valid medical or religious exemption.
  • Once approved to be on campus, visitors and vendors will be required to use the Daily Screener each day they intend to enter NYU buildings.
For more information, please visit the Vendor and Visitor Guidelines pages.


Visitors and vendors who have been approved to come to campus may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for a limited number of reasons. These individuals must claim their valid exemption requests and follow all subsequent protocols. Please read the Campus Visitors pages for specific instructions.

Air Filtering System

NYU’s Facilities & Construction Management team ensures NYU buildings’ HVAC systems comply with the CDC recommendations. For more information, visit NYU’s Building and Cleaning Disinfection page.

It is not necessary or recommended to open individual windows as the air filtration is sufficient and opening windows can have adverse effects, including insects and temperature control.

Building Access and the Daily Screener

As of June 7, 2021 students, faculty, and employees who are fully vaccinated, have uploaded proof, and had it validated are no longer required to test to pass the Daily Screener and get access to NYU buildings. Everyone may show the Daily Screener “Pass” on a smartphone, tablet or laptop or bring a hard copy print out. For those without a printer, visit the kiosk at 726 Broadway to login to email, complete the Daily Screener and print out the pass.

Only people with a daily screener green or yellow pass are permitted on-campus or to participate in University-sponsored activities off-campus.

Green Pass - Regular Access
Employees who are compliant with NYU’s vaccination policy (and testing for those employees who are not fully vaccinated and are required to participate in NYU’s ongoing testing) will receive a green pass on the daily screener and will be granted their regular campus access.

Yellow Pass - Limited Access
Non-compliant employees who are compliant with testing requirements will be granted limited access only in those locations that are essential to performing their job duties — nowhere else.

Can’t access the daily screener - No Access
Employees who are under Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team protocols and/or not up-to-date with testing (for those who are not fully vaccinated) are not permitted on-campus or to participate in University-sponsored activities. These individuals will not be able to obtain a green or yellow pass from the daily screener.

Use NYU Vax Pass, accessible on the NYU Mobile app along with the Daily Screener, for the small number of situations, including for NYU sports and recreation facilities, in which access must be limited to the fully-vaccinated due to the public health risks involved.

For those faculty who have not complied and provided proof of vaccination, beginning on Monday, August 16, they will no longer be able to obtain a green “PASS” screen, and they will not be able to enter any NYU facilities, including classroom buildings. Green “PASS” screens will also be required for virtually all NYU events and gatherings, and so those who have not complied with NYU’s vaccination requirements will be prohibited from attending those events. Read for more detail.

NYU Vax Pass

Use NYU Vax Pass for the small number of situations, including for NYU sports and recreation facilities, in which access must be limited to the fully-vaccinated due to the public health risks involved. When you log in, the Vax Pass will automatically recognize if you are fully vaccinated, and if you are, it will furnish you with the proper violet Vax Pass screen that you can display for entry to NYU events or facilities limited to the fully-vaccinated.

The day-to-day key for accessing NYU facilities, academic activities, and events is the Daily Screener “Green Pass”, which appears for all those who are in compliance with NYU’s vaccination requirements.

No one is permitted to designate a University-sponsored activity or setting, on or off-campus, as limited to fully-vaccinated individuals without receiving written approval from NYU’s Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team (CPRT); only the CPRT can designate an event as being limited to fully-vaccinated members of the NYU community rather than members of the community who are compliant with University vaccination rules. If you think there is an essential justification for a vaccinated-only designation, complete the exception request form.

Read more from NYU about the Vax Pass.

Building Hours

The Stern buildings (KMC, Shimkin and Tisch) will be open from 7:30am - 10:00pm seven days a week.


Ongoing cleaning and disinfecting services will be provided centrally in line with NYU’s protocols, which are developed in accordance with ongoing and evolving guidance from New York State and from the CDC. Hand sanitizer will be managed and made available centrally vs by departments. For employees who wish to clean and disinfect their workspaces, disinfectant spray, wipes and other cleaning supplies can be ordered by individual departments via iBuy.

For more information, visit NYU’s Building Cleaning and Disinfection page.

Covid-19 Booster Shot Requirement

All eligible members of the NYU community are required to receive a COVID-19 booster by January 18, 2022 and to upload proof. A failure to comply with the booster requirement may result in consequences.

If you received the final dose of your primary series vaccination of any WHO-listed or FDA-authorized vaccine before August 21, 2021, you are eligible to receive a booster. If you received the J&J vaccine before November 21, 2021, you are eligible to receive a booster.

If you recently had Covid-19, you should get your booster shot as soon as you have met the criteria for ending isolation. There is no medical contraindication to receiving your booster shot as soon as you have cleared isolation.

Employees not yet eligible to receive the booster are expected to comply within seven days of becoming eligible.

Individuals who previously received exemptions from NYU’s vaccination requirement continue to be exempted from the booster requirement. Read more about the vaccine requirement.

Covid Case Communication Protocol

Should a student or employee test positive for Covid, NYU’s Covid Prevention and Response Team has strict protocols in place, including communication, to protect the privacy of that individual as well as to keep the rest of the NYU community safe and informed of possible exposure. If someone was deemed to be in close contact with a confirmed case, the CPRT (not the faculty) would notify the involved individuals and enact protocols that include isolation, symptoms monitoring, testing and contact tracing. Information about a Covid case will come only and directly from the CPRT on a need-to-know basis. See more information here.

Covid Testing and NYU’s Main Testing Location

The University expects that all members of the community will be tested in the 72 hours before their return to campus for the spring semester, preferably with a PCR test. No one should return to campus if:

  • They have symptoms of COVID-19, even mild symptoms, until they receive a negative PCR test, are fever free for at least 24 hours, and their symptoms are improving.
  • They test positive for COVID-19 until they meet criteria for ending isolation.

The University’s testing program will remain in force for the spring semester, and NYU strongly recommends everyone get tested after arriving notwithstanding the test they should have had just prior to their return for the spring semester.

Beginning Monday, October 18, the NYU BioReference PCR testing site moved to the Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center at 50 West 4th St. (just east of Bobst Library). The reservation system and the hours are the same.

To find a list of Binx kit pick-up and drop-off sites for employees and non-resident students, or if you want more details, take a look at the updated locations and hours.

Note: turnaround times for test results are not guaranteed and may be longer than usual given the increased demand for testing across NYC and the country. Please plan accordingly.

Covid Testing and Consequences For Those Who Are Not Fully Vaccinated/Not in Compliance with the Booster Requirement

NYU employees not fully in compliance with the University’s booster requirement must obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test result within the seven days before coming to campus through the University's ongoing testing program. If more than seven days pass since their most recent test result, noncompliant employees will not be able to use the Daily Screener and will not be permitted to enter any NYU building.  If you are expecting to return to campus, and have not uploaded your booster information, please arrange to obtain an on-campus test within seven days of your return to campus.

Beginning Friday, January 21, 2022, any NYU employee who is out of compliance with the University’s booster requirement AND who has not complied with the ongoing testing requirements (see above) will lose access to the Daily Screener and to NYU buildings.

Noncompliant employees who do comply with the ongoing testing requirements will obtain a yellow “PASS” on the Daily Screener. That screen will permit employees to enter ONLY the building(s) where they work.

Employees who are scheduled to work on campus but who cannot access their building due to noncompliance with both the booster and testing requirements may NOT work remotely as an alternative to work on campus. Such employees must use paid time off (not sick time) for the day(s) they do not work.

For the safety of other community members, employees who have not complied with the University’s booster requirement may not eat inside any of the University’s buildings (except their personal residence if they live on campus).

The University is considering other disciplinary actions for those employees who remain out of compliance with the booster requirement.


Six foot distancing is no longer required for students, faculty and administrators who are fully vaccinated or who have received an approved exemption and are part of NYU's testing protocol. Unvaccinated visitors must maintain a six foot distance even with proof of a negative PCR test.

Events and Gatherings

Important Update: Non-essential NYU-sponsored events, meetings or gatherings are not permitted on or off-campus until further notice (see January 12 email).

Capacity limits for Events and Gatherings (On or Off Campus)

  • Gatherings for mandatory academic programs with up to 250 students (indoors) or up to 500 students (outdoors) will be allowed at Stern, but require pre-approval from the Space Use Committee to ensure space availability. Only critical school-wide events will be approved by the committee. All other events should be held remotely (preferred) or off-campus. Before entering into any contractual agreements with external venues, please be aware that NYU’s updated guidelines re: gathering size, food service, vaccination / screenings, etc., will apply.
  • Indoor events or meetings with more than 250 individuals or outdoor gatherings with more than 500 individuals must receive explicit approval from the Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team. Please complete this form at the beginning of your event/gathering planning process and at least 1 month in advance. Note: approval from the CPRT is NOT a confirmation of space availability. Please contact the Stern Special Events Team for more information.

Event Duration
NYU recommends that no indoor event — whether above or below the numbers of participants indicated above — exceed 2 hours in duration.

Eating and Drinking at Events and Gatherings
Eating and drinking will be permitted at outdoor events only. Seated dining is preferred. Mingling without masks should be avoided. Food offerings with shared contact (e.g., passed hors d'oeuvres or open platters) should be avoided. Emergency exceptions may be granted for outdoor events to move indoors (space permitting) due to inclement weather. Contact the Covid Prevention and Response Team and Neil Rader for approvals and, the Stern Special Events Team for guidance re: additional safety measures (e.g., daily screener check, indoor capacity restrictions, time limits) no less than five (5) days prior to the event.

Contact Tracing List for Events and Gatherings
Anyone hosting an event or gathering must maintain an attendee/participant list for purposes of contact tracing should someone attending the event test positive for Covid-19. This list must include first name, last name, best contact phone number, and NetID or external email address for all participants.

The University’s contact tracing efforts will ease slightly from seat-level to room-level tracing. To the extent possible, please minimize the switching of rooms and mixing of groups to help with contact tracing efforts and to reduce risk for each individual student.

Off-Site Venues
Before entering into any contractual agreements with external venues, please be aware that NYU’s updated guidelines re: capacity limits, vaccinations / testing / screeners for attendees, masks, food service, etc., will apply. Watch the site for updates.

Events including affiliates, vendors and/or visitors
Affiliates, vendors, and visitors are—with rare exceptions—not permitted to participate in events, meetings, and gatherings until further notice. Event organizers seeking to host an event, meeting, or gathering that includes affiliates, vendors, and/or visitors must use the events requirements exception process. If approved to attend, affiliates, vendors, and visitors must comply with the University’s vaccination and testing requirements and follow the University’s standard campus access protocols. This policy will be revisited in mid-September.

Vaccination Status
NYU event hosts/organizers are not permitted to ask participants about their vaccination status. Students or employees participating in University-sponsored events that are held in off-campus venues that require proof of vaccination for entry should provide that proof directly to the venue – not to the NYU event organizer.

Food Service

Food is not permitted at indoor events and gatherings or meetings including workplace meetings or celebrations until further notice.

When possible, you should try to eat outdoors.

Food may not be eaten in common areas, including conference rooms during meetings*, classrooms and lounges, until further notice. Food may be eaten in private, single-occupancy offices with the door closed. If you are sitting in an open cubicle / shared workspace (i.e., no door), you can take your mask off for 15 minutes to eat during inclement weather provided: (1) the workspace is not within 6 feet of another employee; (2) there is consent from the other employees in the shared space; and (3) you have complied with NYU’s vaccine requirements. You can also choose to use a designated eating area.

Designated Eating Areas for Employees
During inclement weather, the following designated eating area at Stern may be used for a limited duration (15 minutes or less) with physically distanced seating. After you finish eating, we'd like you to mask up again and vacate the space, for your safety and that of your fellow NYUers:

*As an alternative to Abbe-Bogen, conference rooms may be used during lunch time by individual staff who do not have a private office. As always, conference rooms must be booked in advance.

Please note: Sosnoff Cafe & Lounge is currently closed for renovation and will reopen later this spring.

Mask/Face Coverings

At this time, everyone should consider double-masking or a higher-grade mask, such as a KN95 or KF94. Acceptable masks for the spring semester include:

  • Disposable masks (surgical or medical procedure masks)
  • KN95 masks
  • KF94 mask
  • N95 masks
Using a cloth mask over a disposable mask improves the fit and adds layers. Masks that are not acceptable:
  • Masks with one-way valves or vents.
  • Bandanas, scarves, and face covering made with other repurposed clothing items.
  • Cloth masks, unless being used as a second layer over a disposable mask.

NYU’s guidance on masks can be found here. At this point, we expect all members of the community to supply their own masks, but the University will have a supply of medical-procedure or surgical type masks available at various locations around campus.

Proper mask-wearing will be strictly enforced for all members of the community. You need to have a proper mask (see guidance above), and you need to wear it properly (ie, over the nose and mouth) at all times indoors (except for meal breaks, which should be brief).

In the event of someone failing to abide by the mask rules, the individual should be asked to leave the setting, and a report be made to a school’s dean of students, to the Office of Student Conduct, or to a supervisor or manager, as appropriate.

Meetings & Conference Rooms

In-person meetings among colleagues with masks in offices are permitted. Masks are always required during meetings, even if all parties agree not to wear them. As a reminder, food is not permitted at indoor meetings, including workplace meetings or celebrations, until further notice.

As an alternative to the Designated Eating Areas, conference rooms may be reserved in advance during lunch time by individual staff who do not have a private office.

Technology upgrades for conference rooms to accommodate remote attendees if they do not do so already are being managed centrally, so please consult with Stern IT before ordering equipment.

Reserving Conference Rooms

In order to optimize space use and facilitate contact tracing efforts, all conference rooms, including those traditionally managed by academic departments, will continue to be centrally managed by the Special Events team and are available by request via EMS. Contact tracing information will be required when you request the space in EMS.

If you book a conference room, please be sure to double-check your access to the space in advance (e.g., card swipe or keys). Contact the Department Administrators where the conference room is situated or Neil Rader and Autherine Allison for questions.

Office Information

Copy Center
As recently communicated, Stern will be closing its Copy Center and transitioning to working with NYU Reprographics. Please address any questions about copy services to NYU Reprographics.

Information Technology
It is strongly recommended that faculty and employees return to campus once or twice prior to the start of the semester to set up offices and to ensure all systems, including passwords and network connectivity, are working properly.

Some staff may need additional equipment (ex. Camera for a desktop or Zoom capability for a conference room). Most of these purchases will be managed centrally, so please consult with Stern IT before ordering equipment.

To ensure that all equipment used for Zoom or video conferencing communications adhere to University guidelines, Stern IT will be providing recommendations on a requested basis. Please contact to arrange for a consultation.

In many cases, mail delivery has resumed but mail for some departments may still be held by NYU Mail Services. If you are unsure of the status, or need to restart mail delivery, please contact NYU Mail Services directly.

For safety reasons, the default for all office suite badge readers will be “locked.” To inquire about updating badge reader access, please contact Steve Freitag in the Stern Facilities office.

Office supplies may be ordered as needed using the standard protocol. However, please take care to limit ordering based on expected staffing levels / time in the office.

Water Systems
All water fountains and water systems in Stern buildings (KMC, Shimkin and Tisch) are ready for use.

Reporting a Covid Case

You should complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form if you test positive, develop symptoms of COVID-19 (even mild symptoms), or were notified that you were in close contact with someone who tested positive. After completing the Reporting Form, the NYU COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team will provide you with guidance.

Returning to In-Person Duties and Seeking Accommodations

All employees (including faculty and non-faculty employees) with medical conditions may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) to request accommodations as part of the process of returning to in-person duties. To contact the OEO, call 212-998-2370 or email


As every job is different and business needs vary across the School, specific work schedules will be determined in a decentralized fashion by the department head and the vice dean. Certain roles will require working 100% in-person while other administrators may be able to return on a hybrid schedule (i.e., part of the week in-person, part of the week remote). Please contact your unit head or vice dean with any questions.

Student Meetings and Office Hours

Office hours and meetings between administrators and students may be held via Zoom or in-person. If in-person:

  • Masks are always required (even if all parties agree not to wear them)
  • Only 1-2 students per office or, up to the capacity of the conference room
  • Arrangements for remote office hours will also be available upon request

Unused Binx (Saliva) Tests

Drop off any unopened and unused Binx test kits at the following locations:

  • 6 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Kimmel Center for University Life (60 Washington Square South, 1st Floor), open Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • 15 East 84th St., Manhattan, open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • 1 East 78th St., Manhattan, open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–3:15 p.m.
  • 345 East 24th St., Manhattan, open Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Update to the NYU Returns Hub About Restrictions

Over the course of the semester, NYU has taken some modest and prudent steps to ease some of the restrictions that were in place at the start of the academic year. In order to alleviate confusion about what safety and health rules have changed and in what ways, a table of changes is posted on the NYU Returns web hub.

Vaccinations Required by NYU

All NYU employees–faculty (including adjuncts), administrators, and staff–are required to be fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved or WHO-listed Covid-19 vaccine. The University provides four hours off to be vaccinated. An exemption process is in place for those with underlying medical conditions or religious beliefs.

All students, faculty, and employees who are eligible under state guidelines can schedule a Covid-19 vaccination or booster shot on-campus. You are not required to get your vaccine at NYU. Read more about vaccines on campus.

Beginning August 16, NYU will prohibit access to NYU buildings for employees who haven’t complied with NYU’s requirement to upload proof of vaccination or obtained an approved exemption.

On September 9, 2021, President Biden signed an executive order that requires all employees of federal contractors—which includes NYU—to be fully vaccinated by January 4, 2022. To ensure compliance with that requirement, NYU requires all employees, including full-time faculty, to have uploaded their proof of vaccination or submitted a request for an exemption as soon as possible, but no later than December 15, 2021. Failure to comply with the vaccination requirement will result in being prohibited from being on campus and being placed on unpaid leave as of January 4, 2022.  Read more.

Non-compliant employees are urged to be in touch with their school or unit human resources officer (HRO) for any additional details or with any questions.

NYU will require that all members of the NYU community (excluding those with approved exemptions) who are eligible must receive a Covid-19 booster vaccination by January 18, 2022 and upload proof of the vaccination.