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Vaccinations Against Covid-19, Guidelines, Restrictions and NYU's Response

Stern Returns Guidebook—April 6, 2021

Bike Racks

The University has installed additional bike racks in Schwartz Plaza.

Building Access Protocols

All faculty, including those who are already working on campus, must submit a recent (within the previous 14-day period) negative Covid-19 test to the COVID-19 Prevention and Response Team Portal before they will be allowed entry to their workplace or any NYU academic or administrative building. All NYU IDs were disabled as of August 15, 2020, preventing building access. Badge and building access will be reinstated once a negative test result is submitted by a faculty member.

All faculty who are coming to campus will also need to continue to complete the Daily Screener and secure a daily authorization to enter.

New This Spring

Non-residential students, faculty, and employees working or studying on-site are required to obtain and receive the result of a COVID-19 Binx or BioReference test within the past 14 days in order to enter NYU buildings. In addition, every member of the NYU community must also be officially registered in order to enter an NYU building. All students enrolled this semester, faculty teaching in-person, and employees expressly permitted to be on site are included.

Further details are available in the Safety and Health section below.

Building and Cleaning Protocols


Building Occupancy

We are reducing density in Stern's facilities by setting in place building and classroom caps, ensuring 6 ft physical distancing in classrooms, eliminating large events and reducing the number of visitors. We are also modifying traffic flow. Please see these charts for designated stair directions.

Building Sanitation and Cleaning

Plans for enhanced cleaning, particularly more frequent disinfectant cleaning of high touch surfaces and areas and the placement of additional sanitizing stations, have been put in place.

HVAC Ventilation Systems

The University is taking steps to reduce the likelihood of buildings' heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) air handling systems spreading Covid-19 by increasing fresh air flow and reducing recirculated air.

Childcare Support

The University is making several special provisions for the 2020-2021 academic year to provide support to NYU families of full-time faculty and employees.

Campus Life and Housing

For those who would like more information on NYU campus life you can find information at the following links: libraries, student housing, laundry rooms, and dining halls.


To achieve more physical distancing in classroom settings 6 ft (roughly 2m) between students, 10 ft (roughly 3m) between students and faculty) and less density, we have reduced the number of people permitted in classrooms. The seat a student picks or is assigned on the first day of class will be the seat for the entire semester.

Here are among the formats that will be available at Stern:

  • In Person: Most of the class sessions will meet in person with all of the students (minus any who are 100% remote) present each day.
  • Online: All of the class sessions will take place entirely online. This may be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous content and work.
  • Rotation: Roughly half of the class sessions will be in person, and roughly half will be online. In each case, all of the students will be in the same format (in person or online) for each class session.
  • Blended: Each class session will meet in person on campus, but in each session half the students will be present in class and half will be online (combination of synchronous and asynchronous).

See visuals of classroom set ups

Compliance: Keep Each Other Safe


Mutual Responsibility

The success of NYU's efforts to reconvene will depend on all of us embracing a sense of mutual responsibility: that it is not simply a matter of each of us being responsible for oneself, or the University being responsible, but that we each have a responsibility to one another.

Code of Conduct

We expect all members of the NYU community to follow the health guidelines we are setting for the good of everyone in the community.

Keep Your Contact Information Up to Date

Make sure your phone number and local address are correct in PeopleSync. The Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team may need to reach you if you were exposed to Covid-19.

Public Health Ambassadors

NYU is employing undergraduate students to serve as “Student Public Health Ambassadors” (PHAs). The role of PHAs is to help remind students about school policies (such as mask-wearing and physical distancing). One or two PHAs will be located in Tisch and KMC during class meeting times. These students applied for these roles, conducted an interview process to be selected and completed the Public Health Ambassador Training program offered by NYU.

Copy Center & Mail Services

The Stern Copy Center will be open during the following days and times:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays through January 15, 2021.
  • Monday through Friday between January 18, 2021 and January 29, 2021 to provide increased service before the Spring Semester begins.
  • Starting February 1, 2021, and continuing until the end of the Spring Semester, the Stern Copy Center will then return to the adjusted Monday and Wednesday schedule.

If you have emergency copy jobs that are needed outside of the revised Copy Center operating hours, please use NYU Reprographics located on LaGuardia Place.

However, we continue to discourage the use of hardcopy handouts, especially given the number of remote students.

Mail will continue to be held at NYU's Mail Service Center unless other arrangements are made at the department level. Since each department will have different schedules and coverage:

  • We would strongly encourage those departments with routine coverage (ex. 1 or 2 times a week) to reach out to the Mail Services Center to make arrangements for mail delivery on a convenient basis (i.e., every Monday).
  • Since most departments will not have daily coverage, FedEx deliveries (or any such third party) should be sent directly to the recipient's home if working remotely or can be sent to Mail Services and addressed to the employee (name / office #) but c/o NYU Mail Services Center.
  • The Mail Services Center is located at 547 LaGuardia Place and can be reached by calling: 212-998-1010 or emailing:

Events and Meetings



All non-essential, large, in-person meetings or gatherings are prohibited at this time. The possibility of safely gathering for purposes such as social events or informal get-togethers will be re-assessed regularly throughout the semester. Read more.

As a friendly reminder for those planning virtual events, please contact your event consultant in Special Events to update the School’s central records and reach out to the Classroom and Event Technology Group (CETG) for tools and tips.


Consider holding remote meetings. If you must meet in person, masks and physical distancing must be adhered to. Read more.

Fire Drills

Fire drill protocol remains unchanged. During fire drills, all stairs should be used even if a stairwell is marked as an “UP” staircase for Covid compliance. Use the closest staircase when a fire alarm is sounded; no one should travel up during a building evacuation. Everyone should wear masks as they are evacuating the building(s).

Food and Beverage Guidelines

Individuals are welcome to eat in the three designated spaces: Sosnoff Lounge, UC-100, and Patron’s Lobby with 6' distancing or in private, single occupancy offices. Eating is not permitted in classrooms, conference rooms or any event spaces until further notice. No beverages are permitted in spaces other than designated food and beverage areas. Masks must be immediately returned and worn when not drinking. The Grad Cafe is closed for the semester.

Food deliveries are permitted for pick up only outside of the building. The building guards are not able to accept deliveries or to call for pick up.

Inclement Weather

Non-reservable open spaces are permitted to be used during class breaks, observing social distance, when the weather is inclement.

Lactation Room

The lactation room on KMC 11th floor is available. Keys are available to be picked up from and returned to the Stern IT Helpdesk (L-100). Appointments for key pick up and return must be made in advance as the Helpdesk will not permit walk-ins.

Remote and On-Campus Work


Building Access

As communicated previously, we will need to operate at a much-reduced capacity on-site to ensure physical distancing. This means that we must give priority building access to students and faculty who teach in person as well as essential on-site employees and administrators and staff who support students and/or these faculty. There will be a heavy emphasis on telework for those employees whose jobs, based on Unit Head assessments and NYU’s guidance, can continue to be done effectively from remote locations.

Accommodations and Modifications

Faculty who applied for accommodations or modifications for fall semester are required to request these again if accommodations or modifications are needed for spring semester. The process for requesting accommodations or modifications for spring semester is similar to the process for fall semester, with minor changes.

If you received an accommodation or modification for fall semester, we anticipate that we will be able to provide this for spring semester. New requests for accommodations and modifications will also be reviewed and considered.

Some faculty members may have underlying health conditions that require accommodations for the spring semester.

  • The process of overseeing accommodations for all health conditions, including COVID-impacted conditions, is managed by the NYU Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO).
  • We will provide accommodations to faculty who are at higher risk to COVID-19 due to a documented underlying health condition. Faculty who previously received accommodations for underlying health conditions for fall semester are asked to recertify so that their accommodation can be extended.
  • All faculty who need accommodations due to underlying health conditions—including those who had accommodations based on underlying health conditions for fall semester—should complete this form.
  • Faculty can also contact OEO by phone (at the number 212.998.2370), or by email (
  • Faculty members who require accommodation based on pregnancy also should contact the OEO.

Faculty who want to request modifications for all other reasons (such as having a family member who is at high risk, individuals of any age feeling that they are at increased risk from teaching in person, and other reasons) should contact Stern HR (Grace Garnice), in coordination with Mor Armony and Stern's Office of Faculty Affairs. Again, as noted earlier, we anticipate that those who received modifications for fall semester and require them again for spring, will be able to receive modifications for spring semester as well.

Faculty requests for accommodations or workplace modifications can also be submitted at any time. The approval of accommodations and modifications assumes that the COVID pandemic is still ongoing and that, as a result, the New York State Education Department approves NYU offering courses online.

  • When requests are approved, OEO will consult with schools and faculty members on the specific accommodations or modifications that will be provided so that faculty can fulfill their responsibilities (for example, courses moved from in person to remote instruction).
  • In some cases, the accommodation may require teaching a different course, or adjusting the course to a different time of day or day of week.
  • For all other questions or concerns about research or teaching in person in spring, please contact Grace Garnice, Stern Human Resources.

Adjunct Faculty
Note that, if an adjunct faculty member makes a request for an accommodation or a workplace modification before they receive an appointment to teach in the spring semester, that request will remain pending with OEO and will not be disclosed to the school at that time. Such a request for an accommodation will not be considered unless and until an adjunct faculty member has received an appointment to teach in spring semester. Also note that receipt of this email does not mean that an adjunct is entitled to or will receive an appointment for spring 2021.

Working Outside the Tri-State Area for Spring 2021

Working in other states may raise personal liability issues with individual taxes. It may also involve different tax obligations for the University and additional economic implications.

If you are currently outside of the tri-state area and not in your pre-COVID permanent address on record in PeopleSync, please notify Susanna Stein in the Stern Faculty Affairs Office immediately so that she can review and address your situation.

While the University may need to take additional measures to allow individual NYU-NY employees to work outside of the tri-state area this semester, this can be accommodated in most instances as a special condition during COVID. However, locations outside of the U.S. cannot be allowed. Thank you for bringing these situations to the University’s attention so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Safety and Health


Covid-19 Testing and Quarantining

Whether you are coming to campus from the Tri-State area or travelling from other domestic or international locations, please read the important NYU update on testing and quarantining, including information regarding ongoing testing in the community.

Daily Symptom Check: The Daily Screener

The Daily Covid-19 Screener for Campus Access is a requirement to enter an NYU building and is available on the NYU Mobile app (Apple and Android), and you can use your computer. Before you can enter NYU buildings, you must answer all the questions and receive a daily authorization.

Contact Tracing

The NYU Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team oversees the University’s efforts to identify and isolate members of the NYU community with confirmed cases of Covid-19 and find and quarantine their NYU close contacts. Further information including how to notify the Prevention & Response Team of illness can be found here.

Protective Equipment

All members of the community are required to wear face coverings over both the mouth and nose at all times when they are on the Stern or greater University campus unless you are eating (in which case, keep 6 ft (roughly 2 m) or more between yourself and others) or you are alone in a closed office.

While the University is working to procure a substantial supply of masks for initial distribution, we strongly encourage community members to obtain and use their own face coverings. More information, including where to obtain a mask should you need one, can be found here.

Physical Distancing

All members of the community are expected to maintain a 6 ft (roughly 2 m) distance from others. NYU has reconfigured classrooms, labs, hallways, and building entrances and exits to help support physical distancing.

If You Feel Sick

If you feel sick, don't go to your office, don't go to your classroom (if you are teaching in-person or blended classes) and don't conduct in-person classes, office hours, or other activities. Let your department chair or dean's office know you are taking a sick day. Notify the Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team. If you are well enough, notify students and conduct any scheduled class remotely; if you are not, follow your school's or department's procedures. Reach out to your healthcare provider. For wellness resources and support, visit the Employee Assistance Program: Carebridge, at 800-437-0911.

Reporting a Covid Case

The NYU Covid Prevention and Response Team has policies in place to both protect the privacy of someone with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 as well as keep the rest of the NYU community safe and informed of possible exposure.

No matter the role, if someone was deemed to be in close contact with a confirmed case, the Team would notify the involved individuals and enact protocols that include isolation, symptoms monitoring, testing and contact tracing. If there will be a disruption in services due to an individual's inability to return to campus, the appropriate personnel will be notified.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, were diagnosed with COVID-19, or were in close contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, notify the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team by completing the self-reporting form at

Space Use

In order to closely monitor building occupancy and space use, and to help inform several support teams (IT help desk, Public Safety, Building Services, and others) for the purposes of cleaning, maintenance, tech support, and potential contract tracing, we have made a few changes to EMS (Event Management System) in the near-term:

  • Limited Room Requests: Faculty, Administrators, and Staff can request Conference Rooms via EMS or request a Business Tutorial Room by contacting the relevant Academic Department Coordinator. No other spaces will be readily available at this time.
  • Storage: Several conference rooms and spaces have been taken offline for the storage of furniture being removed from student spaces to encourage physical distancing: KMC 8-150, KMC 10-165, Shimkin 6-109, Tisch 303, LC-27, UC-07, UC-11, and the UC-130 meeting rooms.
  • Conference Rooms: All remaining conference rooms, including those traditionally managed by academic departments, are being centrally managed by the Special Events team and available for request via EMS. Please continue to check EMS for status updates. Please note there are new occupancy limitations in these spaces, which will be updated shortly in EMS. Food and beverages (aside from water) are strictly prohibited in these rooms until further notice.
  • Prior Space Requests: All existing or pending room reservations in EMS, including those in conference rooms, have been cancelled in the system. New requests for conference rooms will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Additional Requests: Petitions for space to accommodate programming considered crucial to be held in-person (other than classes) will be considered by our Space Use Committee, with input from the relevant Vice Deans on a case-by-case basis. We anticipate that very few requests will be granted. Contact for any questions about that process, and please keep in mind that space is largely unavailable in order to accommodate our physically-distant, in-person classes and to maintain low density in the Stern building complex.
  • Summer 2021: Room requests for events and activities in Summer 2021 are paused until further notice.

Supplier Protocol

Please read NYU protocol for suppliers visiting and working in NYU buildings.

As of January 25th, 2021 the protocol for access to NYU buildings is:

  • Based on the many services and activities NYU vendors are involved in, your name must be submitted by the school or unit to which you provide services or support, indicating that your responsibilities require you to return to campus for Spring 2021. If you are uncertain as to whether you are required to be on campus to fulfill your responsibilities, please reach out to the individual, program administrator, Human Resources representative or academic affairs office to whom you are responsible when you come to campus.
  • Complete the NYU Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access each time before entry. Note that the Daily Screener requires an attestation of receiving a negative COVID-19 diagnostic PCR test during the 14-day period preceding your return to campus.

Technical Support

Please contact the Stern IT Helpdesk for any technology related questions or issues. Faculty, students and staff can schedule in-person support appointments at the Stern IT Helpdesk by contacting or 212-998-0180. There will be no “walk-in” support without an appointment. Please note that with limited onsite resources available, turnaround times for services may be extended.

Testing and the Daily Screener: Spring 2021 Semester

Please read NYU's update on testing, the Daily Screener and building access procedures in the Spring 2021 semester.


The University and Stern currently prohibit all non-essential travel until further notice. We also encourage members of the University community to keep domestic air travel to a minimum and to pay close attention to conditions in areas within the US prior to travel. Read more.

Vaccinations Against Covid-19, Guidelines, Restrictions and NYU's Response

Read the latest from NYU about vaccinations against Covid-19, New Guidelines, Easing of Restrictions, and NYU’s Response for the NYU community.

Please complete this form if you are teaching in person in Spring 2021 and would like to request proof to qualify to receive the COVID-19 vaccine under New York policy at a non-NYU provider.

Read NYU's Vaccine Questions and Support for answers to questions about vaccinations. Faculty and employees who are approved to enter NYU buildings are currently being prioritized for available vaccines through NYU Langone.