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Message from Leadership
Safety and Health (Includes Information on Testing and Quarantining)
Building and Cleaning
Events and Meetings
Campus Life and Housing
Compliance: Keep Each Other Safe

Message from Leadership

Dear Stern Students,

We hope you are taking good care and finding ways to disconnect and enjoy summertime during this most unusual season for us all. Since our June communication, our transition teams have continued to work on Stern’s return-to-campus planning for the fall. In addition, New York State has released additional guidance for higher education, and you should have received NYU’s email detailing its preliminary public health protocols for the 2020-21 academic year.

Please rest assured that the health, safety and well-being of our community continues to serve as our guideposts for all plans. Equally important is our commitment to work together as a community to keep each other safe.
Stern Returns Guidebook - August 3, 2020

Safety and Health

Covid-19 Testing and Quarantining
Some executive programs will be hearing directly from program leadership because of specific circumstances. For general information on NYU's policy on testing and quarantining, read here.

Daily Symptom Check: The Daily Screener
The Daily Covid-19 Screener for Campus Access is a requirement to enter an NYU building and is available on the NYU Mobile app (Apple and Android), and you can use your computer. Before you can enter NYU buildings, you must answer all the questions and receive a daily authorization.

Contact Tracing
The NYU Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team will oversee the University’s efforts to identify and isolate members of the NYU community with confirmed cases of Covid-19 and find and quarantine their NYU close contacts. Further information including how to notify the Prevention & Response Team of illness can be found here.

Protective Equipment
All members of the community are required to wear face coverings over both the mouth and nose at all times when they are on the Stern or greater University campus unless you are eating (in which case, keep 6 ft (roughly 2 m) or more between yourself and others) or you are alone in a closed office.
While the University is working to procure a substantial supply of masks for initial distribution, we strongly encourage community members to obtain and use their own face coverings. More information, including where to obtain a mask should you need one, can be found here

Quarantine and Isolation 
As you consider your arrangements to travel to Stern for classes, please keep in mind that if at any point you are in a state for which New York state mandates self-quarantine, you will be responsible for your own self-quarantine before arriving to campus (per Governor Cuomo’s executive order on June 25) at your own cost. Therefore, if you plan to come to New York from a state requiring self-quarantine, you might be better served choosing the remote option. This list of states is constantly being updated and may change, so please see this link for the current list of states as well as New York’s full guidelines (please see restricted states section).
Physical Distancing 
All members of the community are expected to maintain a 6 ft (roughly 2 m) distance from others. NYU is reconfiguring classrooms, labs, hallways, and building entrances and exits to help support physical distancing.

If You Feel Sick
If you feel sick, don't go to class. Let your professors know you are taking a sick day. Notify the Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team

For more information about wellness resources and support, please visit the NYU Wellness Exchange.
Building and Cleaning

Building Occupancy
We are reducing density in Stern's facilities by setting in place building and classroom caps, ensuring 6 ft physical distancing in classrooms, eliminating large events and reducing the number of visitors. We are also modifying traffic flow.

Building Sanitation and Cleaning
Plans for enhanced cleaning, particularly more frequent disinfectant cleaning of high touch surfaces and areas and the placement of additional sanitizing stations, are being put in place. 

HVAC Ventilation Systems
The University is taking steps to reduce the likelihood of buildings' heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) air handling systems spreading Covid-19 by increasing fresh air flow and reducing recirculated air. 

To achieve more physical distancing in classroom settings (6 ft, roughly 2m) between students, 10 ft (roughly 3m) between students and faculty) and less density, we are reducing the number of people permitted in classrooms.
  • In Person: Most of the class sessions will meet in person with most of the students (except for those who elect, or are required to attend remotely) present each day. 
  • Online: All of the class sessions will take place entirely online. This may be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous content and work.
  • Rotation: Roughly half of the class sessions will be in person, and roughly half will be online. In each case, all of the students will be in the same format (in person or online) for each class session. 
  • Blended: Each class session will meet in person on campus, but in each session half the students will be present in class and half will be online (combination of synchronous and asynchronous).

Regardless of modality, every class will make remote attendance possible for the entire semester for students who are studying remotely this fall (such as those confronting travel restrictions or quarantines).
Events and Meetings

All non-essential, large, in-person meetings or gatherings are prohibited at this time. The possibility of safely gathering for purposes such as social events or informal get-togethers will be re-assessed regularly throughout the semester. Read More

Consider holding remote meetings. If you must meet in person, masks and physical distancing must be adhered to. Read more.

Campus Life and Housing

For those who would like more information on NYU campus life you can find information at the following links: libraries, student housing, laundry rooms, and dining halls.

The University and Stern currently prohibit all non-essential university-related travel until further notice. We also encourage members of the University community to keep personal air travel to a minimum and to pay close attention to conditions prior to travel. 
Compliance: Keep Each Other Safe

Mutual Responsibility
The success of NYU's efforts to reconvene will depend on all of us embracing a sense of mutual responsibility: that it is not simply a matter of each of us being responsible for oneself, or the University being responsible, but that we each have a responsibility to one another.

Code of Conduct
We expect students and other members of the NYU community to follow the health guidelines we are setting for the good of everyone in the community. However, there will be updates to the student conduct policy as well as new policies centered on keeping each other safe. This will include mandatory facial coverings, physical distancing, and symptom screening. All students will be required to review and agree to these policies before they begin their fall courses. 

Keep Your Contact Information Up to Date
Make sure your phone number and local address are correct in Albert. The Covid-19 Prevention & Response Team may need to reach you if you were exposed to Covid-19.