full-time mba alumnus Rachael Spooner, MBA 2012
Associate, Booz & Company

Undergraduate: Communications, Virginia Tech

Pre-Stern work experience: Biological Product Specialist, Sanofi-Pasteur

Stern specializations: Global Business and Leadership & Change Management

Stern leadership: Vice President of Events, Stern Women in Business; Vice President of Events, Strategy & Operations Club

Club involvement: Luxury & Retail Club; Management Consulting Association; South Asian Business Association at Stern; Stern Adventures; Stern Cellar; Stern Healthcare Association

"Not only was Stern Women in Business (SWIB) an immediate network of women that I could turn to for advice and support when thinking about my career path, it was also a fun group of women to enjoy social events. From second year buddies, to pilates events, and networking with alumni, SWIB encouraged my professional and personal development."