full-time mba lgbt alumnus Geo Karapetyan, MBA 2013

Undergraduate: Comparative Literature & Society, Columbia University

Pre-Stern work experience: Marketing & Business Development, Perkins+Will

Stern specializations: Corporate Finance, Strategy and Entertainment, Media & Technology

Stern leadership: Executive Vice President, Entertainment, Media and Technology Association; Vice President of Admissions, OutClass

"I cannot imagine my Stern experience without OutClass. Professionally, OutClass' network has offered me the opportunity to develop relationships with alumni and recruiters that would otherwise have not been as impactful. Moreover, the internal support system amongst current LGBTQ students allows OutClass to offer informal mentoring to assist with the recruiting process and pass along best practices and key industry knowledge. On a more personal level, there are certain OutClass bonding experiences such as attending the Reaching Out MBA conferences and planning the annual OutClass end of school year party that will forever stand out as my key Stern memories. And along with the strong friendships I've established through the club, OutClass has played an integral role in my Stern social life."