Susan Salgado (PhD '03): Creating Better Workplaces

Headshot of Susan Salgado
Susan Salgado (PhD '03) walked up to celebrated restaurateur Danny Meyer as he surveyed the room from the second floor of his restaurant and introduced herself.

MSRM Alumni Profile: Dante Disparte

For Dante, the NYU Stern MSRM program opened the door to starting his own company.  Though entrepreneurial by nature, he had never risked striking out on his own. “NYU Stern taught me that it is not the jump that kills you, it’s the landing.  So, with my MSRM degree in hand as a parachute, I was finally ready,” he says.

MSRM Alumni Profile: Majed Al Ghamdi

Alumnus Majed Al Ghamdi says, the MS in Risk Management Program "was one of the key success factors in my advancement. It was not that I had to tick a box for having a degree to advance, it was the knowledge and confidence the program gave me in branching out and participating in a wide variety of work challenges." Read more about Majed's experience and the experiences of other MSRM alumni here!
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