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Achieve your MBA through flexible class schedules and alternative delivery techniques designed to accommodate the unique responsibilities of working professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin to take courses at Washington Square?

As a Westchester student you must be enrolled in courses at Westchester during your first two semesters. Beginning in your third semester, you will be able to take courses at Washington Square on a space available basis by adding during the drop/add period. Remember that the four basic core courses must be done within your program offering status. You may contact Academic Affairs and Advising for additional information.

New York State law through the program accreditation process states that you may only take a maximum of 45 credits in Westchester.  The remaining 15 credits must be taken through the Washington Square campus (which would include courses at other NYU divisions or our various International Programs offerings). It is your responsibility to ensure you take the correct number of credits at each location. If you enroll in more than 45 credits at Westchester, these additional credits will not count toward your MBA degree.

If I decide that the Westchester location is no longer convenient, can I switch to Washington Square?

All Westchester students must take their first two semesters at Westchester and must take their Basic Core courses at Westchester. Therefore, it is not possible to switch offering status prior to the third semester. At that time, if you are interested in switching locations, you may submit a petition to the Academic Policy Board. In your petition, you should indicate the reasons you are requesting to switch. Your petition will be considered and accommodated on a space available basis.

Please note that petitions are not necessary for students wishing to take electives not offered in Westchester, or for those who have taken the maximum number of credits allowed in Westchester.

Are there differences in curriculum and faculty between Washington Square and Westchester?

The same Stern MBA curriculum is offered at both the Westchester and Washington Square locations. The research and clinical faculty who teach Core courses in Manhattan also teach in Westchester.

What is priority registration?

Westchester Langone Part-time MBA Program students have priority for courses offered at the Westchester campus. This means that only students in the MBA Westchester program will be able to lottery for these courses. Washington Square Langone Part-time MBA students may take courses at Westchester campus on a space available basis.

Likewise, Washington Square students, in both the weeknight and weekend programs, have priority for their respective programs.

Beginning in the fifth semester, you will have dual priority for course lottery and registration.  You retain your Westchester priority status, and you gain status for either Weeknight Washington Square course offerings or Weekend Washington Square offerings. This will give you the same priority in the Weeknight or the Weekend lottery as Washington Square students. By default, we set your Washington Square priority status as Weeknight, but you can change this to Weekend  by going to http://www.stern.nyu.edu/AcademicAffairs/Policies/ProgramProcedures/ProgramStatusChange/. Please note that both the default Weeknight option and the Weekend only option will still allow you to see and register for all Westchester courses in the lottery.

Are the same courses offered in Westchester and Washington Square?

All Basic and Langone Core courses are offered in Westchester. Some of these courses are offered during the Winter and Summer Intensives.

There are electives offered each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester in Westchester, but the majority of elective courses are held at Washington Square.

How many specializations can I declare and which are available?

You are eligible to declare up to three specializations. To complete most specializations you will have to take the majority of your elective courses at the Washington Square location, during weeknights.

Is there a separate orientation for newly admitted Westchester students?

All MBA students will participate in Langone Lab, a required program for all incoming Langone Part-time MBA students. In addition, prior to your first semester at Stern, you must attend an additional orientation in Westchester, to familiarize yourself with the Westchester campus.

Are career services available in Westchester?

The Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP), located at our Washington Square location, assists Langone Part-time MBA students and alumni with their specialized career needs.  Many of the services and events that the Career Center for Working Professional offers are available online.  Appointments with a Career Coach can be held via Skype and informative webinars and events can be accessed anytime.  The Langone Ignite program, the on campus recruiting program designed specifically for part-time students, is comprised of both online modules and interactive events.