Product Management Specialization

The Product Management Specialization prepares students to manage a product in a technology company.  Product managers are responsible for orchestrating the design, positioning, development, and delivery of successful products.   They generate, develop, and curate ideas, design products, create strategies and roadmaps, and plan releases.  To be effective in this role, product managers must have not only a deep understanding of the market, the user, and the product, but knowledge of all the functions on which they depend and the ability to coordinate their efforts.  This includes making sure that researchers provide the needed customer insights, engineers build the right products, salespeople sell, and the supply chain delivers. 

Academic Advisor: Professor Russell Winer, 212-998-0540

Course List


MKTG-GB.2191 Technology Product Management
(For students beginning the MBA program during or after Summer 2016)

Complete the remaining credits from the list below:

Course Number Course Title
BSPA-GB.2306 Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Food Business
ECON-GB.2345 The Business of Platforms, Networks, and Two-sided Markets
INFO-GB.2131 High-Tech Start-Ups & Products: A Technical Perspective
INFO-GB.2135 Programming in Python
INFO-GB.2331 Hi-Tech Start-Ups and Products
INFO-GB.2335 Programming in Python & Fundementals of Software Development
INFO-GB.2336 Data Science for Business Analytics - Technical
INFO-GB.2345 Tech and the City: Customer-Centric Digital Entrepreneurship
INFO-GB.3162 Emerging Technologies
INFO-GB.3310 Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics
INFO-GB.3322 Design & Development of Web & Mobile Apps
INFO-GB.3336 Data Mining for Business Analytics - Managerial
INFO-GB.3362 Emerging Technology & Business Innovation
INTA-GB.2122 Disruption, Entrepreneurship & Social Impact 
INTA-GB.2307 Tech Industry Drivers: An Analytical Framework
INTA-GB.3323 Tech Solutions
INTA-GB.3340 Digital Marketing
MGMT-GB.3155 Tech Innovation Strategy
MKTG-GB.2109 Advertising 3.0: Communication in the Digital Age
MKTG-GB.2128 Consultative Selling
MKTG-GB.2129 Sales Management
MKTG-GB.2147 Consumer Behavior
MKTG-GB.2150 Social Media & Mobile Technologies
MKTG-GB.2153 Pricing
MKTG-GB.2180 Marketing Metrics
MKTG-GB.2181 Creativity
MKTG-GB.2190 Marketing Hi-Tech Products
MKTG-GB.2191 Tech Product Management
MKTG-GB.2192 Predicting the Future of Technology
MKTG-GB.2309 Advertising
MKTG-GB.2327 Research for Customer Insights
MKTG-GB.2344 Data Driven Decision Making: Managerial
MKTG-GB.2347 Consumer Behavior
MKTG-GB.2350 Marketing Planning & Strategy
MKTG-GB.2353 Pricing
MKTG-GB.2354 Data Driven Decision Making: Technical
MKTG-GB.2365 Brand Strategy
MKTG-GB.2370 New Products
MKTG-GB.2371 Innovation and Design
MKTG-GB.2380 Marketing Metrics
MKTG-GB.2381 Creativity
MKTG-GB 3152 Strategy in Technology Intensive Industries
MKTG-GB.3153 Marketing Impact Analytics
MKTG-GB.3340 Digital Marketing Fundementals
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