Non-Stern Students

This page is a resource for Non-Stern Students interested in Stern Undergradute coursework, programs, or opportunities. 

Registration for Fall: Most Stern courses open to Non-Stern students a week after registration begins. You will not be able to enroll in the course and will receive an error message until the date referenced in the Open Access List (found linked below and also to the right).   

(Updated 08/28/2020) In addition to NYC-based courses listed on the Open Access List (link to the right), Non-Stern students are eligible to enroll in Stern coursework offered through NYU Global sites, such as:
  • (NYU Florence) ACCT-UB 9001 Principles of Financial Accounting 
  • (NYU Florence) MGMT-UB 9001 Management and Organizations
  • (NYU London) FINC-UB 7 Corporate Finance
  • And others!
Please note that you must abide by NYU Global policies when enrolling and must meet course prerequisites in order to be eligible. Questions about enrollment into these global offerings can be directed to NYU Global at

Please click on the lists below for helpful information and links relative to your student status or program.

NYU Students Outside of Stern Undergraduate College

Stern Coursework

Students outside of Stern (non-majors) interested in taking Stern courses can refer to the Open Access list. Use this list as a reference when planning your Stern coursework by noting:

1.) The class you're interested in is on the list (if it is not, it is not open to non-majors)
2.) You have met the prerequisites
3.) The date you can register for the class (Open Access Date)

You will be able to directly register, space permitting, on the Open Access date (usually one week after registration begins), but will also be able to enroll on a Non-Stern Waitlist once your registration period has begun. If there is room in the course on the Open Access date, any students on the Non-Stern waitlist will be automatically enrolled (as long as it will not put you over the Term maximum for credits and will not cause a time conflict with existing enrollments). For instructions on how to register or use functions within Albert, please contact the Registrar's office or refer to the Albert Help Guides.

Cross-School Minors

Visit our Cross-School Minor page for more information on our various programs, which are open to members of the greater NYU community that incorporate coursework from multiple schools. Certain minors are administered by Stern and require Stern coursework; if you have questions regarding the Stern coursework required for Advanced Mathematical Methods, Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology (BEMT), Public Policy or Social Entrepreneurship, reach out to Saige Martinez at UC Advising (contact information below).

CAS Business Studies Minor

The Business Studies minor is administered by the College of Arts and Science (CAS), but incorporates Stern coursework. Please find more information on the Business Studies Minor on the  Business Studies Minor Website. Each semester, specific sections of core business courses required for the minor are set aside for non-business students. Be sure to check Albert and the Open Access List for information on which sections are appropriate for you.

Stern Cross-School Advising

If you have a question about enrollment into Stern courses, you can meet with a Stern adviser at ARC Cross School Advising Hours. If you are unable to make the ARC Cross School Advising hours, you can direct your questions to: 

Saige Martinez
(212) 998-4020

When e-mailing, please provide the following information: Name, University ID # and if specific to a course, additionally the Course Name, Course Number, and the 4-5 digit class number.
If you have a question about whether Stern classes are applicable to your degree program, please consult your home school.

Visiting Students at Stern Undergraduate College

If you are a Visiting Student, any and all questions should be directed to your adviser at University Programs:

University Programs Advising

Alternatively, please visit their website at Visiting Students at NYU.

Prospective Students for Stern Undergraduate College (including Incoming First-Year Students and Transfers)

Thank you for your interest in applying to Stern Undergraduate College!

For Prospective Students (both Internal and External Transfers and Incoming First-Year Students), any and all questions regarding applications and course requirements should be directed to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Please feel free to reach out to the Admissions Team to chat with an Admissions Officer.

Prospective Internal and External Transfer Students are encouraged to review the Transfer Applicant section of the Admissions website, including the Additional Program Requirements area.