Transfer Student Checklist and Schedule

Most of the items in this checklist and schedule pertain specifically to NYU Stern. NYU Welcome will be your resource for important deadlines, links, and resources to help you get ready for other aspects of your experience here at NYU. Please keep an eye on updates from NYU Welcome and your NYU email address throughout the summer for important communications and additional to-dos in preparation for beginning your NYU Stern journey.

Your exact checklist of to-dos and schedule will vary depending on whether you're:

  • transferring from an NYU school, including NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai (internal transfer)
  • transferring from a non-NYU institution (external transfer)

Upon Admission | Activate Your NYU Email & NYUHome
For external transfer students only 

Activate your NYUHome account at Then go to to access your NYU email account, familiarize yourself with Albert, the student information and course registration system you use to register for courses, and complete your Housing forms if needed. 

When making your summer plans, keep in mind that you will need internet access at several points. Please get in the habit of checking your email regularly, and keep your email address current and updated in Albert.

Upon Admission | Emails from NYU Stern on Next Steps for Class Registration and New Transfer Student Orientation Programs
For all transfer students

Regardless of when you're admitted – and whether you're admitted as an internal or external transfer student – we'll be in touch with you about some important next steps. Keep an eye on your email in the days following your admission notification. 


Upon Admission | Join Your NYU Stern Class Facebook Group
For all transfer students

We invite you to get connected with your new community. Visit us on Facebook to find the class Facebook group for you and request to join! You can also follow us on Instagram: @sternuc. Another great account to follow (especially for external transfer students) is @transfersnyu


Upon Admission | Pay Your Deposit and Submit Your Emergency Contact Information
For all transfer students

After you have decided to attend NYU Stern, please place your deposit. At this point, you should also submit your (1) personal cell phone and (2) emergency contact information online in Albert if you haven't yet. Submit your personal cell phone number in the Email/Phones field, and the name and phone number of a parent or guardian in the Emergency Contact field.


Friday, May 7th (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM ET) | Transfer Student Welcome Event (Virtual)
For internal transfer students

This session is the first virtual Transfer Student Welcome session for internal transfers admitted in May. This is an interactive session, so it's ideal if you can tune-in live. You'll receive information about this session shortly after your admission. If you cannot attend, you will instead be required to watch the recording, which we will send to you afterward. 

More information will be in the email you receive from NYU Stern on important next steps after you're admitted.


Monday, May 10th (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET) | Transfer Student Welcome Series: Academic Advising Pre-Registration Session (Virtual)
For internal transfer students

This mandatory session will be hosted by academic advisers and will prepare you to register for classes later in May. You'll receive event registration information about this session shortly after your admission. It will cover important curricular requirements and upcoming academic opportunities. If you cannot attend due to a class conflict or time zone issue, you will instead be required to watch the recording, which we will send to you afterward. Time for Q&A with advisers will be provided.

Don't worry – if you're admitted later, your academic adviser will go over all this with you personally. 


Friday, May 21st (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET) | Transfer Student Welcome Series: Optional Q&A with Professional Development and Career Education, Academic Advising, and International Exchanges (Virtual)
For internal transfer students

By today, you should have attended or watched the recordings of the Welcome Event and Advising Pre-Registration session. Additionally, you should have watched the PDCE video series which was sent to your email. These brief videos will introduce you to the NYU Stern Professional Development & Career Education (PDCE) team and how we're different from and similar to Wasserman, introduce you to NYU Stern's resources for professional development, walk you through the recruitment timeline, and what you should be doing this summer to prepare.

In case you have any lingering questions about your Stern experience, you're invited to join staff from the PDCE team, Academic Advising, and International Exchanges for an optional and informal Q&A session. You can pop in any time to ask your question(s), and stay for as long as you'd like. Registration link and details will be sent to your email.


Beginning Monday, May 24 | Fall Class Registration Begins
For internal transfer students

Fall 2021 class registration across NYU begins on May 24th, 2021. The exact date and time that you register depends on the number of credits you have, so check your Albert Student Center for your exact time. 

Unsure of where you stand with your Statistics requirement?

If you have not taken Statistics at NYU and...

  • either earned 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics Exam, OR
  • earned A or B on GCE A-level Math, OR
  • Earned a 6 or 7 on IB HL Math

You may choose to...

  • Be waived from STAT-UB 1 (Statistics for Business Control, 4 units) and register for STAT-UB 3 (Regression/Forecasting Models). (Placement does not give you credit; instead, 4 units will be added to your General Elective Requirement.) OR
  • Take STAT-UB 103 or STAT-UB 1 AND STAT-UB 3 to cover the full requirement

To assess your eligibility, take the Stats proficiency self-diagnostic test. You must score either a 9 or 10 out of 10 to progress onto STAT-UB 3.


Ongoing throughout May | Emails from NYU Stern on Next Steps
For all transfer students

All transfer students are required to participate in Transfer Student Orientation in the fall. Your Transfer Student Orientation will include important information about NYU Stern and community-building activities. We can't wait to see you then! Keep an eye on your email throughout the summer. 

If you're admitted in May as an external transfer student, we'll also be in touch with you about some important next steps about registering for classes.

Please review Next Stop NYU for more important deadlines in April/May.


Ongoing throughout June/July | Emails from NYU Stern on Next Steps
For all transfer students

If you're admitted in June or July, we'll be in touch with you once you're admitted about some important next steps about registering for classes and joining us for your mandatory sessions. Keep an eye on your email upon your admission and throughout the summer.


Ongoing throughout August | Review Your Transfer Credit Evaluation
For internal transfers

The NYU Stern Undergraduate College Academic Advising team will send you your initial transfer credit evaluation by August. This document is personalized for you – based on your transcript and course syllabi you already submitted – and outlines what coursework we have determined will transfer towards your NYU Stern degree. Review this document and compile any questions you have so that they can be addressed with your academic adviser before October 1.

This process may take longer for external transfer students.


Late July | Email from NYU Stern on How to Activate Your Stern Email Address and Log in to Stern Life
For all transfer students

Please check your email for instructions on how to activate your NYU Stern email account and log in to Stern Life.

As an NYU Stern student, you have two email accounts: one through NYU (ending in and one through Stern (ending in As soon as you've activated your Stern account, you'll be able to use your email address ending in Once the semester begins, we will only send official NYU Stern communications to this email account. Read this tutorial to learn how to forward your NYU email to Gmail@Stern. You'll be expected to start using your NYU Stern email account starting the week of Orientation, and official NYU Stern communications will only be sent to your NYU Stern account after then.

Stern Life is your portal to all of NYU Stern's academic, professional development, and community resources. If you have any issues, you can reach out to

Please review Next Stop NYU for more important deadlines in June/July.


Throughout August | NYU Welcome Events
For all transfer students

Check out the NYU Welcome website to join events specifically for transfer students. Hang out with other transfer students across NYU, attend a themed gathering or tune in for AMA-style Q&As with current students who were transfer students themselves throughout the month.


Mid-August | Email from NYU Stern on NYU Stern Transfer Orientation
For all transfer students

During the week of August 10, look out for an email from us on your NYU Stern Transfer Orientation experience. Check your NYU email address for details.


Mid-August | Review and Ensure You Meet NYU Stern's Laptop Requirement
For all transfer students

NYU Stern requires all students to have their own laptop computer. If you already have a laptop, your current model may be sufficient, or you may want to upgrade at some point. View the specifications. Laptops are available for short loaner periods through NYU Stern IT. Now is also a good time to review the Stern IT Checklist for New Students. For any questions, please reach out to


Mid-August | Order Your Textbooks
For all transfer students

The NYU Bookstore will post the required (and any optional) textbooks or materials for your fall semester classes by mid-August. Although some course materials are only available at the NYU Bookstore (for example, certain "coursepacks"), in general, you are not required to purchase widely-available books through the NYU Bookstore.


Monday, August 30th - Wednesday, Sept 1st | Transfer Student Orientation
For all transfer students

NYU Stern Transfer Student Orientation is set to take place at the end of August prior to the first day of classes. We will share more details via email in August. During Orientation, you will be guided through various sessions and activities that will introduce you to the NYU Stern community and resources, and begin building connections with your peers.


Late August/Early September  | Complete Applicable Placement/Proficiency Exams
For all transfer students

By this point, you have already been working with your academic adviser to assess what placement/proficiency exams would be appropriate for you to complete. For questions, please continue corresponding with the Academic Advising team or the appropriate academic department offering the exam.

Please review Next Stop NYU for more important deadlines in August.

Fall Semester

Thursday, September 2 | Classes begin
For all transfer students

Fall 2021 classes begin.


Friday, September 4 | Reorientation Day
For all transfer students

Trust us, even though you just went through Orientation, this Reorientation Day is a critical follow-up to making sure you're settling into our community and prepared to navigate your job and internship search. Plus, it's mandatory for all incoming sophomores, whether you're an internal or external transfer student. If you're in your junior year, you are welcome to attend Reorientation Day, but not required.

October 1 | Transfer Curriculum Worksheet Finalized
For all transfer students

NYU Stern Academic Advising finalizes the evaluation of credits that will transfer to your NYU Stern degree by October 1. Reminder: Your credits have already been reviewed over the summer based on your transcript and course syllabi – and your academic adviser will have already shared the preliminary evaluation of your transfer credits over the summer. 

This report will be part of your official student record available in Albert in the following weeks. 


Throughout November | SternTalks
For all transfer students

SternTalks are a series of alumni-led, 10-minute "TED-style" talks that can help you explore different career paths in business. Get a basic overview of the industry, skills required to excel, honest viewpoints of the upsides and downsides, and next steps you can take. These are optional to attend, but we highly encourage it.

SternTalks take place throughout the month on Fridays, with each day covering a different set of business areas. The schedule will be released at the beginning of the fall semester.


Mid-to-Late December | Last Day of Fall Semester and Final Exams
For all transfer students

Some classes will have final exams on Wednesday, December 22. Prior to making any travel arrangements, check with professors about the timing of the final exam. See also official final exam schedule on the Registrar's website.

Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in the fall semester.