Undergraduate College Business Cards

The Undergraduate Dean's Office and the Office of Student Engagement are excited to offer Stern undergraduate students the opportunity to order a set of NYU Stern business cards.

You may purchase business cards at a discounted rate of $18 for 250 and $30 for 500.

Students purchasing official NYU Stern business cards:
If you would like to order NYU Stern business cards, print out and complete the Business Card Order Form. This can be found on the Work & Career tab of SternLife under "Professional Development Forms."



Stern UC Business Card Order FAQs

Why should I order business cards?

Business cards are a valuable tool for Stern undergraduate students. They allow students to brand themselves as part of the NYU Stern community and can be used in a variety of academic and professional settings. Business cards also provide students with the ability to network efficiently by ensuring that personal contact information is readily available. Every student is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Can changes be made to my business card after it has been submitted?

Changes to business card orders after submission will not be permitted under any circumstances. Before submitting an order, please be sure to carefully check all information, including your name and phone number.

What should I do if I go by a name other than my given first name?

Your business card should have the name that you use most frequently and matches the way you represent yourself in other mediums (LinkedIn, resume, etc.).

For example, if your given name is Alexander John Hamilton, but you go by A.J., you may decide to enter your name as follows:
First Name A.J.
Last Name Hamilton

If your given name is Zhang Wei, but you go by Christopher Wei, you may decide to enter your name as follows:
First Name Zhang (Christopher)
Last Name Wei

Can I use an international number as my phone number?

Only 10-digit phone numbers can be used on the business cards. For students who do not have a 10-digit phone number, a number can be created at no charge by setting up a Google Voice account. The following link provides information on how to create a Google Voice account: https://www.google.com/voice.

Can I use a custom email address on my business cards?

In order to maintain consistency across all Stern students, all email addresses should be in the format NetID@stern.nyu.edu.

Why is my address not on the business card?

Students' addresses often change and it is important to have current information on a business card at all times.

What is my expected graduation year?

An expected graduation year is the year that a student expects to graduate with a baccalaureate degree.