Faculty Working Group

Goals of the Faculty Working Group
The Faculty Working Group is committed to building a faculty culture that reflects and supports diversity, inclusion, and equity.  Specifically, it is focused on achieving three key outcomes:
(a) Building a more diverse faculty by hiring more female and under-represented minority professors,
(b) Ensuring on-going support for female and under-represented minority faculty members, and
(c) Equipping professors with the tools for creating an inclusive classroom environments for all students

The Faculty Working Group has been working toward all three of these goals.  Specific action steps and plans are listed below.

A.  Faculty Hiring
  • The working group has prepared and distributed to department chairs and recruiting committee members a Hiring Toolkit, with resources and guidance intended to help departments successfully identify and recruit a diverse set of outstanding scholars and teachers.
  • As of fall 2017, academic departments are required to demonstrate that they have recruited from a broad network including non-traditional sources, and Stern will be tracking and sharing with departments their record of interviewing and hiring female and URM candidates. 
  • Faculty have been provided with information and resources on unconscious bias.  Department chairs and recruiting committee chairs are strongly encouraged to complete an NYU-sponsored training session on implicit bias and its role in the search process.
  • Academic departments have developed plans for proactively pursuing female and URM adjunct instructors, using expanded networks, professional associations and other non-traditional sources.
  • A number of initiatives are in place to grow the faculty pipeline by increasing the number of female and URM PhD students and post-docs.  

B.  Faculty Mentoring and Support
  • Stern has revised the goals and structure of its interdepartmental faculty mentoring program, to focus more on supporting female and URM faculty members.
  • Stern is working with NYU to evaluate the university's workload relief & tenure clock stoppage policies. 
  • Efforts are underway to educate senior faculty about unconscious biases, how they may affect evaluation and promotion decisions, and how to eliminate these effects.  
  • Efforts are underway to examine annual review and promotion processes to ensure that they do not inadvertently disadvantage women or URMs, and to make changes where necessary. 

C.  Inclusive Classroom Environment
  • All members of the faculty have received a document entitled “Tips for Creating an Inclusive Classroom.
  • Stern offered a Faculty Forum focused on ways to put the tips into practice, and on minimizing the effects of unconscious bias in the classroom, with plans to expand the session.
  • A session on classroom diversity and inclusion has been added to Stern’s New Faculty Orientation.
  • Conversations are underway about adding a question on the course evaluations about "creating a classroom environment that is inclusive and respectful of diversity."