Undergraduate Working Group

Commitment from the Undergraduate Working Group
The Undergraduate working group commits to making progress in the outlined areas by leveraging all members of the NYU Stern Undergraduate community (Faculty, Staff, and Students). We commit to regular communication to the undergraduate community by updating this website, sending periodic emails, and hosting dialogues related to equity, diversity, inclusion and identity throughout the semesters for regular feedback. We will ensure that members of the working group come from different backgrounds and represent not ourselves but the entire community and all of the various identities represented at Stern.

Scope of the Undergraduate Working Group
Given the scope of the Undergraduate Working Group, the areas of focus for this group will primarily be peer to peer out of classroom relationships and student support functions including advising, career, and extra-curricular.

Goals of the Undergraduate Working Group
The goals listed below were identified by the Undergraduate Working Group, through a series of benchmarking, research, and student input.  Specific actions and details for each goal can be found below.
  • Take measures to demonstrate appreciation for all students and their identities and sustaining healthy dialogue around EDI topics
  • Develop the intercultural competencies of student leaders (Clubs, Student Council) to ensure that students in positions of impact within the school recognize the importance of inclusiveness and act accordingly
  • Prepare students with professional skills and decrease the business knowledge gap for all students who do not have prior business experience or expertise
  • Design a proactive outreach plan to ensure student success, with an emphasis on degree progress and completion

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