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What kind of experience do you want to design for your students?

Not sure where to start? Request a consultation

We work with faculty across a range of different project types.

Partner with us for project management, design, and usability expertise as you develop your next great idea. We’ve collaborated with faculty to develop new content and transform existing classroom-based courses into different formats. We can help you to produce teaching videos that incorporate instructor demonstrations, worked examples, partially solved problem walkthroughs, embedded quizzes, and interviews with practitioners. Our team also provides support for initiatives that utilize new learning tools and technologies, such as mobile apps, self-paced interactive modules, web video conferencing, and live online teaching. 

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Do you want to try something different?

Courses and programs can be delivered in a variety of formats that go beyond the physical classroom. 
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Ever thought about teaching with video?

We work with faculty through all stages of video production, from scripting to designing artwork, to shooting in the Stern studio. 
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How are you using technology?

Technology can enhance, support, and extend student learning.