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Meet with your class in real-time from anywhere

Watch our tutorials to learn more about Zoom

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is the video conferencing tool supported by NYU and integrated with NYU Classes and Brightspace.

You can use Zoom to hold your class in real-time, present slides to your students, and have synchronous discussions with your class. Instructors and students can join from anywhere.

Schedule Zoom Class Meetings

Instructors are responsible for scheduling class Zoom sessions using the Brightspace Zoom tool.  Scheduling Zoom sessions this way helps you manage Zoom sessions for your class and automatically provides students with access to your meeting links and class recordings.
  1. Open Brightspace and navigate to your course site.  
  2. Find the Zoom tool from the course tool menu.  
  3. Click on the blue “Schedule New Meeting” button at the top right.

The following settings are recommended best practices:

IMPORTANT: Login to Zoom Before Each Class

After you have scheduled your class sessions and you are ready to teach, make sure you are logged into Zoom before starting your class session. 

Tip: If you skip this step, you may not be able to use all of the Zoom host functionality you will need to teach your class.

1) Find the Zoom Application on your computer and open it.  (You can usually find it on your desktop, or filed under “Applications” in your system menu). 



2) If you see a screen that looks like the following, make sure you are logged into your NYU Account.  If you see that you are signed in with your NYU email address, you are done, you can now skip to step 5 and start your Zoom meeting in Brightspace.

3) If you are prompted to sign in to Zoom, always use the option that says Sign in with SSO.  Don’t type your email and password directly into Zoom, this will result in an error message.

4) Sign in to the NYU Single Sign On page with your netID and password.

5) Go to the Brightspace Zoom tool and start your scheduled meeting.

Recording Your Class

After your start your meeting, find the "Record" button on the control panel and click. You may need to click the More option if you do not see "Record" in your control panel. Everyone in the meeting will hear an announcement that the session is being recorded. It is surprisingly easy to forget to start recording. Some things that help are a prominently placed sticky note on your camera, asking your TF or a student to remind you, or adding a slide to the beginning of your presentation.

Zoom recordings made through NYU’s Zoom account can be viewed only by those logged into NYU’s Zoom, either through Brightspace or the web portal. 

Recordings are saved automatically to your Zoom account for 120 days. If you scheduled your meeting through Brightspace, they can be accessed by you and your students in your course site. If you want to save a recording for longer than 120 days, you will need to download it.


Who Can Record & How to Get Exceptions

To be able to record, you must be a) a faculty member (not a student), b) the host or a co-host of the meeting, and c) logged into the account that created the meeting (or for which the meeting was created by someone to whom you gave scheduling privilege). You can tell whether you are the host by clicking Manage Participants and noting whether it says “host” after your name.

By default, Teaching Fellows and other students cannot record.  However, anyone at NYU can request permission to record by completing this ServiceLink form.

Making Your Recordings Available to only Some Students

If you don’t want your class recordings available to all your students, you can require a password to access each one. Go to the Zoom web portal and log in. Select "Settings", click on "Recording", scroll down until you see "Require password to access shared cloud recordings", and toggle it on.

To password protect an individual recording click "Recordings" from the left menu when you are logged into the Zoom web portal. Here you’ll see a list of all your recordings. Click "Share" next to the recording you want to protect, then toggle on "Password Protect" and set your password.

Waiting Room

If your students are not logged into their NYU Zoom account, they will automatically be put into a waiting room, and you will need to admit them to your meeting. 


How do you know if someone is in the waiting room and how do you admit them to the main session?

You will see a popup notification on your Zoom toolbar (see below). Click "Admit" to let that person into the meeting. Or click "See Waiting Room" to see everyone who's waiting. 


Worried you missed a waiting room notification? Don't recognize the person's name?

Click "Participants" on your toolbar. A panel of meeting participants will appear on the right. At the top of the list, you'll see everyone in the waiting room. From here, you can admit people who are waiting or send them a message (a good idea if you don't recognize their name). If there are multiple people in the waiting room, you will see an option to "Admit All".