When to Submit Your Lottery & Register

After you register, it is your responsibility to check My Academic Progress to review your graduation requirements and ensure your status has been accurately recorded.

Lottery & Registration Dates

Lottery Submission Period
May 5 (9:00am) - May 27 (11:59pm)

You will have the opportunity to make your class choices during this period. We encourage students to submit selections early. While there is no advantage in submitting your selections earlier or later, we urge you not to wait until the last day. As long as you submit your requests on or before May 27, you will have an equal chance (within your cohort) at all classes requested. Upon submission, students will receive an email confirmation of their registration lottery selections. Please retain this email for verification purposes.

Within the registration lottery, we suggest assigning top rank (i.e., primary #1) to your most valued course. The next prioritized course should then be ranked as primary # 2, etc.

Lottery Hints & Course Information

We advise students to prioritize their sections in order of preference. The following lottery hints may be helpful.

Lottery Results and Add/Drop Period (begins 9:00am)
June 23 - Fall 2020 Grads, Spring & Summer 2021 Grads (except Spring 2020 admits)
June 24 - Fall 2021 Grads, Spring & Summer 2022 Grads (except for Spring 2020 admits)
June 25 - Fall 2022 Grads and Later & Spring 2020 admits

On/after the above dates, you will be able to make adjustments to your schedule in real-time setting (class availability changes as classes open and close).

Registration Payment Due
August 4

Payment is due August 4, 2020. For more details or questions about paying your bill, please contact the Office of the Bursar. If your initial registration for the fall term occurs after August 4th, your payment is due within six business days.

Late Registration Period
Late registration period begins on September 21

You can register or make schedule adjustments online or in-person during this period. Please be aware that if you are registering online for the first time for the fall, late fees are in effect and your payment is due within 6 business days. However, these fees do not apply if you made schedule adjustments and paid prior to August 4.   

Special Note: Fall 2019 Admits and Spring 2020 Admits

Fall 2019 Admits: You should be finishing your Stern Core (The Global Economy, and Operations Management) before registering for electives.

Spring 2020 Admits: Make sure you have finished or registered for all of your four Basic Core courses: Leadership in Organizations, Firms & Markets, Statistics & Data Analysis, and Financial Accounting & Reporting. 

Important Registration Notes (All Students)

Academic Holds

Students with academic holds will not be permitted to register until the hold has been resolved. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs & Advising with questions regarding the hold on your account (e-mail: academicaffairs@stern.nyu.edu or call 212-998-0585).

Credit Limits

For the Fall 2020 term, students may register for a maximum of 9.0 credits.

Exceeding Semester Credit-Maximums

Langone students who would like to take credits in excess of their semester maximum may apply for an Acceleration through Academic Affairs & Advising.

New York State Immunization Requirement

Registration will not be finalized for students who have not complied with the immunization requirement.

Professional Responsibility (COR2-GB.3101)

The registration lottery and Albert registration system checks that all Langone Program core classes have been completed before allowing students to register for this capstone core class.

Schedule & Instructor Changes

Any change in the schedule or the assigned instructor will be updated on the course schedule in real-time. Students who have registered for a class in which there is a time or instructor change will be notified by email.

Switching Langone Program Offering Status

Students interested in officially changing their offering status (e.g., from Weeknights to Weekends) should click here for details.