FAQs: Biographical Information, Course Evaluations (CE's)

Biographical Information

How can I update my contact information online?

You may update your contact information by accessing Albert and going to the Personal Info tab under the Student tab. Here is a list of options you are allowed to update:
  • Address
  • Emergency contact information
  • Cell phone number
  • Employer information
  • Phone number

How do I change my name on the NYU/Stern system and my student record?

You need to complete the “Change of Name” form, available at our office, or on our website here. In addition, you must provide to our office a copy of the supporting documentation (marriage certificate, divorce document, etc.) to verify your new name. Please return these documents to the Office of Records and Registration and we will update your records.

Can I use a nickname/preferred name for my official Stern record?

It is NYU/Stern policy to record and display your legal name (as it appears on legal or government issued documents such as birth certificate, social security card, court order, passport, etc.) on all official University documents including but not limited to transcripts, verifications, and diplomas. If you wish to update your primary name (legal name) on University records, you must provide us with legal documentation, such as certified court order, marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificate, or passport reflecting your new legal name.
You can use a preferred name as long as it isn’t used for purposes of misrepresentation, avoiding legal obligation, or the use of offensive or derogatory language. Preferred name will be used except in cases where the use of your legal name is necessary to university business and/or legal requirements.

If you wish to use a preferred name during your time at Stern, you may change your preferred name via Albert under the “Personal Info” section> Click “Add a new name”> Select preferred from the “name type” dropdown menu> Enter your preferred name> Click save. Once a preferred name is entered in Albert, the preferred name will also appear in Albert Student Center, class/grade rosters in Albert/BrightSpace, NYU Connect, StudentLink, ServiceLink, Systems that use your NYU NetID and password authentication, Albert Mobile Guest Users portal, Your NYU Card.  

Please note: Using a preferred name is not the same as legally changing your name legally through the courts.

How do I update my Social Security number?

Complete a “Request to Add Social Security Number” form available at our office or on our website here. Provide to our office a copy of your Social Security card along with this form. Return it to Records & Registration and we will process the update.

What should I do if my immunization records are “not in compliance?”

This means the NYU Student Health Center does not have your immunization records on file. Please visit the Student Health Center Immunization Records Services at 726 Broadway (at Waverly Place), 3rd Floor — or call them at (212) 443-1199 to find out the procedure for updating your immunization records.

How do I update my visa status?

Students may directly update their visa status (with a copy of documentation) with the Office of Global Services.

Course Evaluations (CE's)

How do I complete a Course Evaluation (CE)?

Course Evaluations are administered at the end of each course. Students will receive two emails informing them of the CE policy, timeline and how to complete the CE online. Students must pay careful attention to the deadlines of each individual CE, as students will not be permitted to fill out an evaluation after the deadline has passed. All students must fill out a Course Evaluation for each course for which they are registered. The responses to all online evaluations are completely anonymous and confidential.

When do I complete the Course Evaluation (CE)?

Starting Spring 2019, course evaluations are administered over a four day period at the end of each semester or module. The official evaluation period for Graduate Stern courses begins after the last class and will close four days later.

What happens if I do not complete a Course Evaluation?

If you did not submit a CE for a class, your grade for that class will be held for 30 days from the end date of the evaluation period. Unfortunately, once you miss the deadline, you will not be able to submit the CE for that class.

I was unable to fill out the CE for one of my classes and the deadline has passed, may I still complete it?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit or access an evaluation after the end date. At this point, your grade for the course will not be released for 30 days from the end date of the evaluation period.

I am trying to fill out my CE for one of my classes, but I can’t find the professor or class?

Please make sure you are clicking on the correct term. If you are trying to fill out a CE for Managing Investment Funds, FINC-GB.3320, please click on the term in which you are registered for this course. Please try it again and if you are still having difficulties, please contact us.

I mistakenly submitted the CE for one of my classes before I completely filled it out. May I re-submit the CE again?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for students to redo their evaluations. Since the CE responses are anonymous, the system is not able to track the evaluation that you had submitted earlier.