FAQs: Cross-Registration, Grades & Grade Reports, Graduation


As a Stern Graduate Student, how do I register for a course(s) outside of Stern?

Please see the Academic Affairs website for information on registering for courses at other NYU divisions.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I register for courses at the Stern Graduate Division? How can I tell which courses are currently open to non-Stern students?

Please see your academic advisor at your school to complete a “Cross Registration” form. You can also see the cross-registration page on our website for more information on registering for Stern Graduate courses. A list of courses eligible to non-Stern students can be found on our course schedule page. Under “select a student type”, choose “Non-Stern” and then select the appropriate semester from the drop-down menu.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I activate my account at Stern to view NYU Classes for the course(s) I am registered in?

To activate accounts, students should visit start.stern.nyu.edu. For troubleshooting assistance, contact the Stern IT Help Desk.

I received approval to register for a Stern course but I cannot find the course in Albert. How can I register?

Please make sure to filter properly when searching for Stern courses. Under the Albert course search, on the right-hand side under "Academic Career" please choose "Stern Schl Business-Grad Div".

I received permission to register for a Stern course but am getting an error that the remaining seats are reserved. What does this mean?

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. At the time the permission was given, the course was open to non-Stern students but has since closed to non-Stern. Your advisor is welcome to resubmit the cross-registration request closer to the start of the term and we can reevaluate it for seat availability.

Grades & Grade Reports

When will my grades be posted on Albert?

Final grades are due from faculty one week from the final exam or final course deliverable.

When and how will I get my semester grade report?

You can generate an official semester grade report either for company reimbursement purposes or personal use by logging in via Albert. Click here for more information.

Not all of my grades are not in yet, but I need a grade report for one of my classes — can I print a grade report for just one completed course?

Yes. The grade report you print on-line will show all grades you have received up until that point.

On Albert what does it mean if there are two ##’s under my grade for a specific course?

This indicates that the CE (Course Evaluation) for the course was not completed. At this point, your grade for the course will not be released for 30 days from the end date of the evaluation period.

When I try to view and print my online Grade Report the following message appears “Grade Report unavailable due to an immunization hold on your account.” What does this mean, and how can I resolve this issue and get my Grade Report?

All NYU students are required to provide a record of certain immunizations to the NYU Health Center. If you have received this message it means that the Health Center does not have a complete record of your immunizations, and that a hold has been put on releasing your grades until your are in compliance with this requirement. To remove the hold, do the following:
  • Contact the NYU Health Center at (212) 998-0660 (press option #3 to be connected directly to the Immunology Services office) to verify which immunization records are missing and to arrange delivery of those records.
  • When you have verification from the Health Center that your immunization record is complete, contact the Stern Office of Records & Registration at (212) 998-0660, or registrn@stern.nyu.edu. We will verify with the Health Center that you are in compliance and clear the immunization hold from your account. You will then be able to view and print your Grade Report online.

I would like to know what the cutoffs are for Top 10% and Top 20% for the upcoming graduating class. How do I obtain this information?

Top 10 and Top 20% are calculated once all grades are in and graduation is finalized, however, we can provide the prior semester’s GPA cutoff information to assist you in determining a roundabout number for the upcoming graduating class.


How do I apply for graduation?

To apply for graduation, please log in to Albert and file your on-line Graduation Application; the link is in the Academics section under Graduation. For step-by-step instructions on how to file your application, please see the Apply for Graduation guide.

How can I confirm if my Graduation Application was received?

You can confirm that your application has been received by checking your My Academic Progress page on Albert; the field marked “Graduation Application”, at the top of the page, will read “Yes” when your application has been filed.

I have submitted my on-line Graduation Application. How do I find out my graduation status?

After the Graduation Application filing deadline passes, our office will run a Graduation Evaluation in which your record will checked to confirm that you have completed all of your academic requirements. This evaluation will take roughly one-month. When the evaluation is complete, you will be emailed a notice to confirm that you have been cleared for graduation. If you have any outstanding academic issues that need to be resolved to graduate, you will receive an email detailing the issue and the deadline by which it needs to be resolved.

If I am taking my last class during the Winter Intensive session, can I apply for Fall (i.e. January) graduation?

The Winter Intensive session is part of the Spring semester; students taking their final courses in Spring should submit their Graduation Application for Spring (i.e. May) graduation.

I graduate in Summer or Fall; do I need to make special arrangements to participate in the May graduation ceremonies?

No. Summer and Fall graduates will be automatically invited to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies held the following May.

I am graduating this coming Fall; however, I would like to attend the earlier May Graduation Ceremonies this year, rather than next year’s May ceremonies. Can I make a special request to participate in the earlier ceremonies?

Depending on venue seating availability, we are sometimes able to allow some Fall graduates to walk in the earlier May ceremonies on an "exception” basis. To inquire about walking in May as an exception, please e-mail our Director David Gordon at dgordon@stern.nyu.edu. Include in your email your full name, University ID number, and a brief statement detailing your reasons for requesting to attend the earlier events. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, and it may not be possible to grant all requests.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are processed by and mailed to you from the central NYU University Registrar’s office; your diploma should arrive 8 to 10 weeks after your official graduation date. The diploma will be mailed to your Permanent Address, as it is listed on the Albert system.

I need a replacement diploma, how do I obtain one?

In the event your diploma is lost or damaged, please contact the central University Registrar. Their office will supply a replacement diploma, upon proper deposition and the payment of a fee to cover the cost. Before issuing the replacement, however, you will be required to return the damaged diploma, or such portions of it as are available; or, in the case of loss or complete destruction, a notarized affidavit stating this.

For further information, and to submit your replacement diploma request, please visit the Diplomas page on the University Registrar’s website here.

How do I get my diploma certified or given an apostille?

The StudentLink Center will be able to assist you. Please see the following link which outlines the process.