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Alejandro García Canizares, MSRM ’15

Headshot of Alejandro García Canizares

Alejandro had a specific goal in mind when he applied to Stern’s Master of Science in Risk Management program. Even though he was already an experienced professional with many articles to his name, Alejandro explained, “I wanted to have the opportunity to think deeper about risk management concepts and surround myself with the best professors in this area.”
Alejandro is Director, Emerging Risk and Data Analytics, at the Canada Deposit Insurance Corp., a position he secured while completing the MSRM program. “The program had a significant impact in allowing me to see the big picture required for my current position, as well as the credibility that a degree from Stern provides,” he says. “I believe the ROI is high, especially considering that the ability to continue working throughout the program makes the investment more manageable.”
Education has been a priority for Alejandro as his career has advanced. Beyond an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes in his native Colombia, he has a Master’s in Economics and certificates from various executive programs in mathematics, financial engineering, and credit risk. When he contemplated a program in risk management, he says, Stern’s stood out: “The MSRM program offered exactly what I was looking for: top faculty, a great curriculum, the ability to continue working, and the chance to travel to different locations and have a unique experience.”
The depth of Stern’s curriculum and the real-world perspective of its experienced faculty were very appealing, Alejandro adds, explaining: “My work includes policy advice on financial risk management issues affecting banks, as well as conducting hands-on analysis on the risks facing financial institutions, e.g. developing stress-testing models for Canadian banks. The work requires a deep understanding of the concepts to be able to provide sound advice, but also the ability to implement models, which requires a more practical perspective.” What he found at Stern was “a unique curriculum that focuses on all dimensions of risk management and a very diverse group of colleagues who enrich the discussions.”
The return on his investment began soon after he entered the program. With the skills he was learning, he says, “I developed a model for my previous employer, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada, to conduct a macro stress test on the largest six Canadian banks, quantifying the impact of severe economic conditions on their solvency and overall financial performance. The knowledge gained at Stern contributed to enhancing this model.”