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Dante Disparte, MSRM '14

Headshot of Dante Disparte

For Dante, the NYU Stern MSRM program opened the door for him to start his own company.  Though entrepreneurial by nature, he had never risked striking out on his own. “NYU Stern taught me that it is not the jump that kills you, it’s the landing.  So, with my MSRM degree in hand as a parachute, I was finally ready,” he says. 

In 2014, Dante founded Risk Cooperative, a Washington, D.C.-based strategy, risk, and capital management firm that focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises. Its foremost priority, he says, is “to move risk from being a cost of doing business to a catalyst.”

When he entered the Stern program, Dante was managing director of a global risk and insurance brokerage. Motivating him was the sense that there was potential for greater opportunity, and he sought the expertise to exploit it. “I felt the placement of insurable risks could be more rigorous and less simply transactional,” he says.  “For me, NYU Stern was an investment in the skills and general know-how I needed to accomplish what I saw as deficits.”

Dante found the MSRM program inspiring on every level. “The faculty includes some of the preeminent thought leaders on risk, finance, and the global regulatory framework.  The curriculum is methodically crafted to help build a new cohort of global risk leaders.  My peers hailed from across industries and countries, and so many of them self-selected to enroll in this program from the shared realization that risk is the new normal and the market needs a new breed of leaders to make the world a safer place.”

For Dante, who acquired the confidence to launch a company, the MSRM experience proved transformative.  “The quantitative rigor and relevance of the program in today’s volatile market are unparalleled, yet the most practical takeaway is how it has changed my problem-solving skills and decision making in the face of complexity.  No matter how perilous the times, a leader has to make a choice, and the MSRM enables you to back intuition with risk agility—the two necessary skills to thrive in this world.”