A Message from Vice Dean Joel H. Steckel:

Thank you for your interest in the doctoral program at NYU Stern.

Your explorations means you are embarking on the most exciting and stimulating stage of your educational development.

As a Ph.D. student and scholar-in-training at NYU Stern, your research will advance the state-of-the art in your chosen field.  In fact, that is what a Ph.D. program is all about, learning how to advance the state of the art. That is what scholars do. They question the prevailing wisdom. They recognize that no theory, no model, no phenomenon has been completely understood, and that there are always open questions on even fundamental issues, such as how consumers behave and how financial markets work.

In the NYU Stern doctoral program, we nurture our students’ innate curiosity while training them to use the research tools required to answer the questions they ask. By the end of the program, students of the faculty have become colleagues of the faculty, transformed into fully trained scholars capable of doing research on the same level as that of the people who trained them.

We welcome you to explore our program and visit our Open House to learn more about NYU Stern, while gaining a sense of the intellectual challenges and exhilaration you will experience working with one of the world’s most distinguished business school research faculties.


Joel Steckel
Vice Dean for Doctoral Education,
Professor of Marketing