Students on a short-term immersion in India

Local and international learning

Short-Term Immersions

Discover academic enrichment through coursework and travel.

Stern Around the World short-term immersion programs allows students to immerse themselves in the local culture, while also being challenged academically. These programs combine coursework with international travel to enrich the academic experience.

Current and recent courses with short-term immersions:

Through Stern Around the World: Abu Dhabi students examine key cultural, economic, political, social structures and trends in the Middle East, and assess their implications for business strategies. You'll take a trip to Abu Dhabi to experience first-hand what has been taught in the classroom.

Through Stern Around the World: Costa Rica students will work on projects like creating business and marketing plans for agricultural production, eco-tourism, and environmental education for youth. The course includes a trip to Costa Rica to work with small businesses to further develop their innovative sustainability programs. You'll test your business hypothesis on the ground with local partners and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture. 
The Stern Around the World: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana is a seminar course open to NYU Stern students across all class years that features a trip to Ghana over your spring break. Through your seminar and on-the-ground experience, you'll explore the role of business as an agent for social change and apply principles of social entrepreneurship to promote sustainable economic development. You'll gain a unique educational experience, combining business theory with hands-on implementation and cultural immersion.