NYU Stern


Advertising and Promotion

General Motor's annual advertising budget exceeds the GDP of Aruba, Grenada, Monaco, and Tonga...combined! Advertising is big business. Learn the analytical and creative tools that advertisers use to better understand, and stimulate, consumer demand through the creation of a compelling and actionable advertising campaign.

Brand Management

Coca-Cola® and Colgate®. Chevy® and Chanel® . A successful brand elicits powerful reactions: they make us hungry or angry; stimulated or satiated. Brand Management is one of the most exciting and lucrative positions in the field of marketing. A Brand Manager is the “CEO” of their product. Become one of the women and men that create and sustain the brands that influence our daily lives.

The EMT Concentration

Lights, camera, action! The allure of the entertainment, media and communications technology (“EMT”) sectors is legendary. EMT content is the US's second largest export. MTV matters in Malaysia! Where better to study the media business than in New York City, the heart of the world's media capital?

Financial Services Marketing

Financial service institutions-banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, etc.-spend billions of dollars marketing their products and services. Marketing is integral to all areas of financial service institutions: from basic consumer banking to sophisticated corporate finance transactions. A Financial Services Marketing specialization is an innovative way to enter the world of finance.

International Marketing

How does McDonald's® make millions in Mecca? How did Coke® capture Cambodia? Globalization is playing an increasingly important role in 21st century marketing strategies. Learn how to “think globally and act locally” to market global products that satisfy the unique requirements of diverse economies and cultures. And perhaps join the Stern alumni who work in 65 foreign countries!

Marketing Research

Why did the Pepsi challenge lead to a record increase in its market share? Marketing researchers answer questions such as these by gathering data and using qualitative and quantitative tools to better evaluate and understand consumers. A Marketing Research concentration will provide you with the skills needed to enter one of the fastest growing fields of marketing.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consultants are the proverbial “White Knights” of the world of marketing. Objective, selfless, and hard working, Marketing Consultants bring a fresh pair of eyes to marketing challenges that organizations find difficult to tackle on their own.