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    In March, 600 Stern juniors traveled to Ho Chi Minh, Lisbon, and Santiago as a part of the International Studies Program. See more >>

    Tales in Possible | Immerse Possible | ISP 2015
  • produce/

    Entrepreneur and TRIUM Global Executive MBA student Monica Messio Dungaciu is complementing her on-the-ground manufacturing experience with a business education. Read more>>

    Tales in Possible | Produce Possible | Monica Messio Dungaciu
  • style/

    Devon Pike, President of Givenchy US, joined Professor Jeff Carr, MBA students and alumni for a 2014-2015 Langone Speaker Series event. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Style Possible | Langone Speaker Series | Givenchy homepage
  • expand/

    As part of a Stern Signature Project, a team of NYU Stern and NYU Wagner students is partnering with the Urbanization Project to create a model for public space planning in Valledupar, Colombia. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Expand Possible | Langone Speaker Series | SSP Colombia homepage
  • lead/

    The NYU Leadership Initiative and NYU Stern hosted "Global Leadership in the 21st Century," a conversation with Lloyd C. Blankfein, chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs, and NYU President John Sexton. Read more>>

    Tales in Possible | Lead Possible | Global Leadership Webcast
  • impact/

    Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Media, addresses the undergraduate freshmen class in Stern's Business and Its Publics course. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Impact Possible | Steve Forbes
  • advance/

    Working professionals who want to build knowledge quickly in a specific area can now apply to take graduate-level courses at NYU Stern through new Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) programs. Learn more>>

    NYU Stern School of Business Establishes Loan Assistance Program for MBAs


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