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    New full-time MBA students start their Stern journey with Launch 2014. "An Education in Possible" begins.

    Launch 2014
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    MSGF Alumnus Han Lin takes a unique path to an international banking career in Shanghai, after tours of duty in the US Marine Corps and the Peace Corps. Read more>>

    Value Possible: Han Lin
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    MBA students conducted an "orienteering mission" at West Point as part of NYU Stern's Leadership Development Initiative.

    Tales in Possible | Navigate Possible | West Point
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    MBA Students David Baharestani, Laura Fox & Craig Johnson’s Stern Signature Project (SSP) with the Urbanization Project & Marron Institute impacts policy change in Mexico City. Read more>>

    Tales in Possible | Impact Possible | Stern Signature Project
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    Undergraduate students enrolled in the Stern International Volunteers Seminar helped build a community school in a rural Ghanaian village during their 11-day trip. Learn more>> 

    Tales in Possible | Build Possible | Ghana
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    Graduating MBA student Michael Petit finds a sense of purpose in Stern's military veterans community. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Connect Possible | Michael Petit
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    Eitan Zemel meets Vice Chairman of Shanghai People's Political Consultative Committee Zhou Taitong and presents on building the “Made in China” brand at the International Business Forum in Shanghai.

    Tales in Possible | Brand Possible | Eitan Zemel


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