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    Undergraduate students met with farmers, cow herders, women's groups and corporate social workers at the local temple in an Indian village outside of Chennai during a Stern Around the World immersion program. Learn more>>

    Discover Possible | Stern Around the World | India
  • cultivate/

    Frank Blake, Chairman of Home Depot, joined MBA students and alumni for a 2014-2015 Langone Speaker Series event. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Cultivate Possible | Langone Speaker Series | Home Depot
  • create/

    Entrepreneur Erik Kimel (BS '08) shared the story of his path toward success in a conversation with students during a recent Undergraduate Dean's Leadership Roundtable. Read more>>​

    Tales in Possible | Create Possible | UC Erik Kimel
  • access/

    As part of the “Ops in NYC” class taught by Professors Harry Chernoff and Kristen Sosulski, students visited Fresh Direct and other NYC businesses to learn real-world operations management. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Access Possible | Ops in NYC | Fresh Direct
  • build/

    Part-time MBA student Mark Maidique applies concepts from Stern classes in Westchester to his local kitchen and cabinetry design business. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Build Possible | Mark Maidique
  • expose/

    First-year MBA Lourdes Zapata wanted a business school experience that would introduce her to a variety of people, ideas and opportunities. By the end of her Launch orientation, she knew she had found it at NYU Stern. Read more>>

    Tales in Possible | Expose Possible | Lourdes Zapata
  • fly/

    Robin Hayes, current President and incoming CEO of JetBlue Airways, joined Langone MBA students for a 2014-2015 Langone Speaker Series event. Learn more>>

    Tales in Possible | Fly Possible | Langone Speaker Series | JetBlue


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