New Cities

The New Cities Program, led by University Professor Paul Romer, is focused on the potential for startup cities to fast track reform and facilitate global migration. The world will add billions of new urban residents this century. Existing cities will expand, and many entirely new cities will emerge. We’re working with governments to realize a world in which every family—including families of refugees—can choose between several safe, vibrant, and economically dynamic cities, each of which is vying to attract them as residents.

The world has locations where many new cities will be built. The benefits that these cities could generate are so large that they could be self-financing. As with any type of startup, there is no doubt that some upstart cities will fail to take off. However, those that do succeed will quickly give new social and economic opportunities to millions of people who currently lack good options—generating benefits that dwarf the costs from experimenting with new cities that never manage to get off the ground.

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