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richard adler

Richard Adler, MBA 1987

Philadelphia Triathlon, LLC
Wayne, PA
“Be open-minded and aggressive in the pursuit of your dreams.”
Leslie Alexander

Leslie Alexander, BS 1965

Houston Rockets
Houston, Texas
“Read The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal every day. You can’t be successful in this world unless you know how the world works.”
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Members 42
Ignacio Alegria, MBA 2006
atlanta flag network thumbnail

Atlanta, GA

Members 537
Karen Newman, MBA 1997
austin flag network thumbnail

Austin, TX

Members 113
C.K. Kumar, MBA 2002
australia flag network thumbnail


Members 58
Gerald Lundgren, MBA 2007
china flag network thumbnail

Beijing, China

Members 20
belgium flag network thumbnail

Belgium & Luxembourg

Members 37
Jean-Marc Di Cato, MBA 2010
Nicolas Berggruen network image

Nicolas Berggruen, BS 1981

Berggruen Holdings
New York, NY
“Transformation makes life interesting and worth living.”
edward bernard network image

Edward Bernard, MBA 1982

Vice Chairman
T. Rowe Price
Baltimore, MD
“One of the great things about this business is that there’s so much richness and complexity. I’m quite confident that I’ll learn something the day I retire that I didn’t know the day before.”
boca raton flag network thumbnail

Boca Raton, FL

Members 1,657
Peter Weisberg, MBA 1990
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Members 2
Andres Oneto, MBA 2000
boston flag network thumbnail

Boston, MA

Members 1,604
Naveen Malwal, MBA 2004
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Members 159
Michel Steinberg, MBA 2002
elliott bross network image

Elloitt Bross, MBA 1995

President, General Director & Partner
Mexico City, Mexico
“Stern gave me the analytical tools and taught me the proper language to approach and conduct business and on another level, it gave me confidence.”
Jonathan Butler network image

Jonathan Butler, MBA 1998

Founder and The Brooklyn Flea
Brooklyn, NY
“I found [an MBA] hugely beneficial when thinking about business strategy and risk, as well as structuring and executing deals – a huge advantage in any business, but particularly in the creative business sectors.”
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Members 50
Kursat Kacira, MBA 1999
north carolina flag network thumbnail

Charlotte, NC

Members 573
chicago flag network thumbnail

Chicago, IL

Members 777
Shiwali Varshney, MBA
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Members 32
Francisco Moreno, MBA 1999
Griffith X. Clarke network image

Griffith X. Clarke, BS 1971

G.X. Clarke & Co.
Jersey City, NJ
“I could not have achieved nearly as much without the people I’ve met over the years.”
Mick Cornett network image

Mick Cornett, MBA 2011

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“The faculty made going to school enjoyable, entertaining, and informative. Interacting with classmates from around the world and from different industries was part of the growth experience.”
pam craig network thumb

Pamela Craig, MBA 1984

Chief Financial Officer
Accenture, Inc.
New York, NY
"I believe mentoring and coaching those who will follow us is our ultimate calling. It is an opportunity to strengthen the next generation of global leaders."
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Dallas, TX

Members 389
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Members 43
Casper Munch, MBA 2008
denver flag network thumbnail

Denver, CO

Members 398
Kathryn Buergert, MBA 1991
detriot flag network thumbnail

Detroit, MI

Members 239
Subu Desaraju, MBA 2007
Belinda DiGiambattista network image

Belinda DiGiambattista, MBA 2005

Butter Beans
Brooklyn, NY
“[My Stern education] formalized all the things I was living in my work experience and gave me the background to build on.”
mickey doshi network thumbnail

Mickey Doshi, BS 1981

MD & Country Head
Credit Suisse
Mumbai, India
“The service industry is all about people, and I’m proud that my team is happy to come to work.”
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Members 12
Tamer El-Raghy, MBA 2007
Lorenzo Fertitta

Lorenzo Fertitta, MBA 1993

Station Casinos, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada
“As an entrepreneur, as your company grows you have to identify and continue micromanaging the things that are key to your brand.”
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Members 14
Kaj Hagros, MBA 2008
france flag network thumbnail


Members 226
Lise Bardin, MBA 1998
Joseph Franco network image

Joseph Franco, BS 1983

Jay Franco and Sons
New York, NY
“We are constantly meeting with clients on ways to stay relevant and fresh to our consumers, and we travel overseas at least a few times a year to meet with our manufacturers in China, India, and South America.”
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Members 114
Lukas Neckermann, MBA 2002
ghana flag network thumbnail


Members 6
Paul Ababio, MBA 2010
greece flag network thumbnail


Members 126
Maria Michalakopoulou, MBA 1997
robert greifeld

Robert Greifeld, MBA 1987

New York, NY
"New York is the global center for capital markets activity. Our customers are here, and our first and foremost mission is to satisfy market participants."
united arab emirates flag network thumbnail

Gulf Cooperation (GCC) States

Members 112
hartford flag network thumbnail

Hartford, CT

Members 689
Jason Gutcheon, BS 1993
henry herrmann network image

Henry Herrmann, BS 1966

CEO and Chairman of the Board
Waddell and Reed Financial Inc.
Kansas City, MO
“To be successful, I had to help other people be successful.”
Beth Hirschhorn network image

Beth Hirschhorn, MBA 1993

Executive Vice President, Global Brand and Marketing
New York, NY
“A well-defined problem is 80 percent solved. If you ask the right questions, it is much easier to arrive at the best solutions.”
hong kong flag network thumbnail

Hong Kong

Members 363
houston flag network thumbnail

Houston, TX

Members 265
Lee Howley network image

Lee Howley, MBA 1972

Howley Bread Group
Cleveland, Ohio
“Find what you love to do; what makes you excited, even if it means less money or success in the traditional sense. Don’t wait – go for it now.”
idaho network image


Members 29
Kevin McGowan, MBA 2003
india flag network thumbnail


Members 255
Sanjiv Anand, MBA 1985
indiana flag network thumbnail

Indianapolis, IN

Members 102
Chris Cramer, MBA 2010
Frank Ingriselli network image

Frank Ingriselli, MBA 1977

Chairman, President and CEO
Pacific Energy
Danville, CA
“I love going to work every day, and I love what I do.”
israel flag network thumbnail


Members 128
Oded Agam, MBA 2001
japan flag network thumbnail


Members 526
Shinichi Kato, MBA 1992
jordan flag network thumbnail


Members 5
Rodolfo Echeverria, MBA 2003
howard kagan network image

Howard Kagan, MBA 1987

Producer and President
Maxolev Productions
New York, NY
“Theater is a business. Instead of hiring a great CEO, traders, or risk managers, a producer must hire a great director, composers, set designers, and actors.”
kalle superna network thumbnail

Superna Kalle, MBA 1999

SVP of Intl Networks & General Manager, Sony Movie Channel
Sony Pictures Television
Los Angeles, CA
"I’m so fortunate, because every day is different. I work closely with the very talented and entrepreneurial management of each of our channels."
kelly kennedy mack network image

Kelly Kennedy Mack, MBA 2002

Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
New York, NY
“The market is hungry for new product and almost every developer I know is looking for a place to build, getting a project approved, or securing financing. We’re seeing a rising confidence validated by price appreciation.”
south korea flag network thumbnail


Members 289
Jungseok Lim, MBA 1997
latvia flag network thumbnail


Members 5
Dorian Ziedonis, MBA 1995
Brittany Laughlin network image

Brittany Laughlin, BS 2007

General Manager
Union Square Ventures
New York, NY
“Building new products and seeing them go to market was very cool. And I liked being close to small-business owners. Working with them made me realize that I wanted to start something of my own.”
los angeles flag network thumbnail

Los Angeles, CA

Members 2,013
william mack network image

William Mack, BS 1982

Founder and Chairman
AREA Property Partners
New York, NY
“The reputation you establish follows you for the rest of your life.”
george madison network thumbnail

George Madison, BS 1975

General Counsel
Treasury Department
Washington, DC
"We need to ensure that the causes of the crisis are addressed, the holes in financial regulation are lugged, and that everything related is secure so that this doesn't happen again."
Brian Mermelshtein

Brian Mermelshtein, BS 2002

Manager of Analytics, Digital Media Team
National Football League
New York, New York
“Take a risk and do the uncommon if the opportunity presents itself. Failure is a great learning opportunity.”
mexico flag network thumbnail


Members 105
Ricardo Kumar Dadoo, MBA 1984
miami flag network thumbnail

Miami, FL

Members 1,129
Patrick Kedziora, MBA 1980
Cathy Minehan

Cathy Minehan, MBA 1977

Simmons College School of Management
Boston, Massachusetts
"… be yourself – stay true to the important values you have learned and trust your gut instincts."
minneapolis flag network thumbnail

Minneapolis, MN

Members 182
Timothy Moe network image

Timothy Moe, WSC 1979, MBA 1984

Chief regional equity strategist for Asia Pacific and co-head of Asian Economics, Commodity and Strategy Research
Goldman Sachs
Hong Kong, China
“It’s incredibly interesting to work in a dynamic part of the world where things are always changing.”
michael nash network image

Michael Nash, MBA 1989

Senior Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer
Real Estate Debt Strategies, The Blackstone Group
New York, NY
“It’s a little old school, but if you treat people well, act with high integrity, and always deliver on promise, you’ll do well regardless.”
netherlands dutch flag network thumbnail


Members 35
Wouter Guis, MS 1998
new jersey flag network thumbnail

New Jersey

Members 15,595
Tricia Norton network image

Tricia Norton, MBA 2005

Global Chief Marketing Officer
Bulova Corporation
New York, NY
“Let Stern challenge you and your thinking even after graduation.”
mai nozoe network thumbnail

Mai Nozoe, BS 2002

Creative Services Director
Michael Kors USA Inc.
New York, NY
"I just knew that the pragmatism learned at Stern would translate well in any creative industry."
ohio flag network thumbnail


Members 432
Eleanor and Robert Bloxham, MBA 1990
alex peberau network thumbnail

Alexandre Pébereau, MBA 1991

EVP Intl Carriers Orange
France Telecom
Paris, France
"We're going through the digital revolution, facing the full range of competitors - try ATT, China Telecom, then Google - and we want to be there the next day!"
pakistan flag network thumbnail


Members 19
Yousaf Bashir, MBA 1999
philadelphia flag network thumbnail

Philadelphia, PA

Members 1,397
Leila Violano, MBA 2006
philippines flag network thumbnail


Members 69
Eduardo Olbes, MBA 1997
phoenix flag network thumbnail

Phoenix, AZ

Members 295
Scott Sheldon, MBA 1982
poland flag network thumbnail


Members 13
Tomasz Jozefacki, MBA 2002
puerto rico flag network thumbnail

Puerto Rico

Members 70
Beatriz Diaz, MBA 2004
Vanessa Reggiardo network image

Vanessa Reggiardo, BS 1989

Mark Brand, Avon Products, Inc.
New York, NY
“It’s all about the team. You can’t do anything alone. My advice: surround yourself with kind and talented people and know that everything happens for a reason.”
russia flag network thumbnail


Members 40
Alex Zaretsky, MBA 2009
glenn saldanha network image

Glenn Saldanha, MBA 1996

Chairman and Managing Director
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited
Mumbai, India
“For me, leadership is all about being connected.”
Susan Reilly Salgado network image

Susan Reilly Salgado, PhD 2003

Managing Partner and Founder
New York, NY
“Follow your passion, stay true to what you value, don’t be afraid to follow your gut and take risks, and surround yourself with people who share your vision and passion – employees and clients alike.”
san diego flag network thumbnail

San Diego, CA

Members 318
Pat Leon, MBA 2004
san francisco flag network thumbnail

San Francisco, CA

Members 1,788
seattle flag network thumbnail

Seattle, WA

Members 346
George Brumder, MBA 2003
china flag network thumbnail

Shanghai, China

Members 22
Lei Zhang, MBA 2011
scott simpson network thumb

Scott Simpson, MBA 1983

Co-head of Global Transactions, Skadden
Aprs, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates
London, UK
"I would not have been able to hit the ground running at Skadden without my Stern education and its training in finance and accounting. I'm a big believer in the JD/MBA combination and a big believer in Stern."
singapore flag network thumbnail


Members 193
Pierre Hennes, MBA 1995
joseph sitt network image

Joseph Sitt, BS 1986

Founder and CEO
Thor Equities LLC
New York, NY
“I’m a big believer that what once was will be again. People are dying to live in a market like New York now. Crime is lower, interest rates are low, and artist and tech communities are back in the cities. It’s cool now to live, work and play in one neighborhood.”
spain flag network thumbnail


Members 128
José Concejo, MBA 1997
ros stephenson network thumbnail

Ros Stephenson, MBA 1987

Managing Director & Global Co-head, Corporate Finance
Barclays Capital
New York, NY
"The banking industry is continually evolving and it is a highly stimulating environment. The one constant is that clients need trusted advisors."
switzerland flag network thumbnail


Members 105
Daniel F. Oriesek, MBA 2000
Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor, MBA 2002

NetWorks Sports Consulting
Arlington, Virginia
“Find your passion and don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities, because we find out more about what we want to do by identifying what we don’t enjoy.”
trinidad flag network thumbnail


Members 3
Nisha Mohammed, MBA 1999
turkey flag network thumbnail


Members 60
Ilknur Aslan, BS 1995
united kingdom london flag network thumbnail

United Kingdom

Members 456
Francisco Rodriguez, MBA 2003
utah flag network thumbnail


Members 120
Kurt Sturm, MBA 2007
venezuela flag network thumbnail


Members 37
Allan Paul Bringas, MBA 2001
washington dc flag network thumbnail

Washington, DC

Members 1,462
westchester flag network thumbnail

Westchester-Fairfield, NY

Members 8,980
peggy yu network thumbnail

Peggy Yu, MBA 1992

Executive Chairwomen
Beijing, China
"Stern helped my transition from a FOB (fresh off the boat) to a business executive.  I spent the last 11 years building from scratch to the leading e-commerce company in China on the motto my Stern project team came up with: think as a CEO and work like a secretary."
Issac Zion

Issac Zion, MBA 1996

Co-chief Investment Officer
SL Green
New York, New York
“Put yourself in the place where you want to end up, and be someone that people want to do business with.”
Edward E. Barr (BS '57)

Edward E. Barr, BS 1957

NYU Stern Board of Overseers
Former Chairman, Sun Chemical Group
Bonita Springs, FL
"Learn to work harder than you ever thought possible. Do the right thing, even if it’s inconvenient. As a leader don’t focus on what’s in it for you; do what’s fair for the people whom you have been given the opportunity to lead."
Dan Amatuzzi

Dan Amatuzzi, MBA 2013

Beverage Director
New York, NY
“As Eataly manages constant change, growth and expansion, and the need for innovative ideas, the lessons I learned at Stern have been invaluable.”
Alia Jones-Harvey (MBA '03)

Alia Jones-Harvey, MBA 2003

Front Row Productions
New York, NY
“Relationships are a key element of success in alternative industries and careers. Build and maintain as many relationships across functions as you can – you will need them!”
Anne Black (MBA ’99)

Anne Black, MBA 1999

Chief Operating Officer
Goldman Sachs Gives
New York, NY
"Stern opened my eyes to the wider world. For example, Professor Nouriel Roubini’s economics class gave me a broader understanding of world markets and emerging economies. This all made me see that it wasn’t just about landing a job after graduation. I wanted to feel good about my impact on the community, too."
Edward Gilligan (BS '82)

Edward Gilligan, BS 1982

American Express
New York, NY
"My experience at NYU Stern made me sure about what I wanted to do and got me off to a great start at an incredible company. It changed the trajectory of my professional and personal life.”
Maria Hermida

Maria Hermida, BS 1987

Chief Ethics Officer
New York, NY
“Stern students are not just intellectually curious – they are vocal about it. They are not afraid to engage in a dialogue with their professors and ask tough questions."
Alexey Loganchuk

Alexey Loganchuk, BS 2006

Upgrade Capital
New York, NY
"The School has done a great job of preparing generations of students for extraordinary success."
Marc Albanese

Marc Albanese, MBA 2008

Smart Vision Labs
New York, NY
“Find an idea that you love and do it. Passion is what gets you through the long and demanding days that all new ventures face. And don’t underestimate the value of your network."
Matteo Gottardi

Matteo Gottardi, BS 2004

Founder & Creative Director
W.R.K Shop
New York, NY
"I don’t get the Monday blues. In fact, I come to work every day and have a great time – that’s something I’m most proud of."
Peter Katz

Peter Katz, MBA 2003

Executive Director
Reversible Destiny Foundation
New York, NY
"I enjoy working in museums because I believe in their mission to educate and share art."
Robin Harris

Robin Harris, BS 1998

Managing Director
Morgan Stanley
Baltimore, MD
“Value the network you are creating. Its importance may not be evident instantaneously, but have confidence you are building something you’ll be able to leverage throughout your professional life.”
Monica Issar

Monica Issar, BS 1996, MBA 2003

Managing Director
JP Morgan
New York, NY
“Aim the highest; seek the highest.”
Meera Raja

Meera Raja, BS 2006

Vendor Marketing
Saks Fifth Avenue
“Marketing is such a vast field, and it is defined differently within each organization. The alums I’ve met work in various industries, and their distinct roles within their companies have opened my eyes to explore opportunities which I previously would not have considered."
Russell Isaacson

Russell Isaacson, MBA 2007

Senior Director, Chango
Instructor, NYU School of Professional Studies
New York, NY
"Personally, I’ve extended my Stern network and made some new friends whom I never met while at Stern. Professionally, I’ve developed partnerships between my company and those of the fellow Stern alumni I meet."
Lorry Prentis

Lorry Prentis, MBA 1987

Executive Director,
Ernst & Young
New York, NY
"We are constantly looking for talent to add to our growing practice, and Stern is a great source of highly talented people."
Sari Mayer

Sari Mayer, MBA 1992

Director of Marketing & Investor Relations
Global Credit Advisers
New York, NY
“Working with women with the same goals and interests, giving back, and encouraging women to connect professionally with other women and move ahead with their careers – it’s very powerful.”
Joan Bloom

Joan Bloom, MBA 1966

Former Prinicipal
The Dilenschneider Group
New York, NY
"For me, staying engaged with Stern and fellow alumni is a way of continuing my education."
Lynn Emmolo

Lynn Emmolo, BS 1984

Sally Hershberger
New York, NY
"Twenty to 30 years ago there were fewer women in business to go to for advice. Today, we have many Stern alumnae who can help young women achieve the senior leadership positions in business that were not accessible to us. We are here to help open the doors and guide the way."
Leonard N. Stern alumni image

Leonard N. Stern, BS 1957, MBA 1959

Chairman and CEO
The Hartz Group
New York, NY
“I always thought that pure ability should entitle students to get a first-class education.”
Manuela Adl alumni image

Manuela Adl, MBA 2002

Global Administrative Manager
International Finance Corporation
New York, NY
“I have found a way to marry my private financial sector experience with development impact.”
Priya Pandya alumni image

Priya Pandya, MBA 2009

Co-founder and CEO
New York, NY
"Running a business based on a passion is a unique experience, one that requires constant reassessment and check-ins on our company’s commitment to our values."
Erik Kimel alumni image

Erik Kimel, BS 2008

Director of Brand Activations
New York, NY
“Everything I learned in class applied directly to running my business – financial accounting, presentations, all of it.”
Mike Gupta alumni image

Mike Gupta, BS 1992

Docker, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
"Stern is where I learned how to think strategically."
Andre J.L. Koo alumni image

Andre J.L. Koo, MBA 1994

Chailease Group
Taipei City, Taiwan
"Today’s entrepreneurs need to rely on core competencies that aren’t easily displaced by technology and weave them into the fabric of their corporate DNA."
Fr. James Spillane alumni image

Fr. James Spillane, PhD 1973

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
St. Augustine University
Mwanza, Tanzania
"Tourism is truly a multidisciplinary field, so I can draw from all aspects of my educational background – mathematics, philosophy, theology, and economics and management – to educate others."
Alison Mass alumni image

Alison Mass, BS 1980, MBA 1981

Partner, Managing Director, and Global Head – Financial Sponsors Group
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Chair, NYU Stern Board of Overseers
New York, NY
"Invest in relationships. Building relationships translates to commercial success and can really make a difference. People want to do business with people they like and people they trust."
Madelyn Antoncic alumni image

Madelyn Antoncic, PhD 1983

Executive Director, Institutional Investment Solutions,
Principal Global Investors, and former World Bank
Vice President and Treasurer
Washington, DC
"Find an area you are passionate about and use your drive to be results-oriented, but most of all combine it all with a sense of humor while never compromising your principles."
Donna Costa alumni image

Donna Costa, TRIUM 2013

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings America
White Plains, NY
"My leadership style is constantly evolving... I’ve come to understand that the source of power is not authority or control, but influence, and the currency of power is the ability to effect change."
Elana Drell Szyfer alumni image

Elana Drell Szyfer, MBA 1998

CEO at Laura Geller Beauty LLC
Operating Advisor in Beauty for Tengram Capital Partners
West Orange, NJ
"I am proud that I’ve been able to hold on to people and relationships across many jobs, companies, and years and feel that this vast network is like a beautiful garden of knowledge, talent, and friendship."
Patricia Laucella alumni image

Patricia Laucella, BS 1987

President, Business and Legal Affairs
Lionsgate Films
Santa Monica, CA
"I strongly believe that the combination of a business degree (undergrad and/or as a grad student) and law degree is a tremendous asset in business."
Marie Svet alumni image

Marie Svet, MBA 1997

Global Chief Revenue Officer
New York, NY
"The advertising industry values both creative sides and provided the opportunity to be around artistic minds while allowing me to apply my analytical, problem-solving skills."
Elizabeth Rutledge alumni image

Elizabeth Rutledge, MBA 1994

Executive Vice President, Global Charge Card Products
& Benefits
American Express
Old Greenwich, CT
"One of the most important things I’ve learned is the art of letting go. To do that, I have to build teams of great talent, then nurture and motivate them."
Jess Levin alumni image

Jess Levin, MBA 2012

Founder and CEO
Carats & Cake
New York, NY
"Surrounding yourself with the right people, who not only believe in your vision but from whom you can learn, is crucial.”
Kirat Anand alumni image

Kirat Anand, BS 2000

Founder and Designer
KAS New York
New York, NY
“Today’s merchants are intelligent. You have to focus on what will separate you from other designers.”
Greg Casagrande alumni image

Greg Casagrande, MS 1987

Founder and President, South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Microfinance Network
Jersey City, NJ
"When microentrepreneurs are able to get small loans to help increase their output and generate income, their small businesses transform the lives of their families and their communities."
Kathleen Berroth alumni image

Kathleen Berroth, MBA 2008

Director – Investment Management
Omidyar Network
Redwood City, CA
"A big part of what I enjoy about impact investing is working with the entrepreneurs, and seeing how they overcome the many challenges they face."
Katherine Davis

Katherine Davis, BS 2016

Investment Banking Analyst
New York, NY
“Network, network, network. Getting your foot in the door in a competitive industry can be difficult. It definitely helps to have someone on the other side that is rooting for you and can help you along the way.”
Phillip Landrum

Phillip Landrum, MBA 2016

Senior Consultant
New York, NY
“Stern instills in students an ability to adapt, to multitask, and to see a problem from different perspectives in order to develop the best solution.”
James Cracchiolo

James Cracchiolo, BS 1980, MBA 1985

Chairman and CEO
Ameriprise Financial
New York, NY
“To add value I always ask how I can get a business to operate better and, at the same time, build it to be stronger.”
Tapasya Bali

Tapasya Bali, MBA 2008

Founder & CEO
New York, NY
“Be willing to put your heart and soul into what you believe in and take the jump.”
Tammy Kwan

Tammy Kwan, MBA 2015

Co-Founder & CEO
Cognitive ToyBox
New York, NY
“I could apply class takeaways directly to my company and take advantage of the generous resources that Stern has to offer to student entrepreneurs.”
Sally Poblete

Sally Poblete, BS 1994

Founder and CEO
New York, NY
“I’ve learned that successful people are not necessarily the most brilliant or highly educated people, but those who didn’t give up or lose their heads despite the onslaught of rejection and challenges.”
Thomas Kallenbrunnen

Thomas Kallenbrunnen, TRIUM 2017

General Manager, Head of Real Estate & Alternative Investments
Helaba Invest
Frankfurt, Germany
“You have to be inquisitive and be open to ideas that will give you a new perspective.”
Seth Brodie

Seth Brodie, BS 2009

Vice President, Finance and Strategic Planning
Amblin Partners
Los Angeles, CA
“I was seeking both the camaraderie of other focused students and a rock-solid business program where I could learn most aspects of how to run a business. I chose Stern because of its emphasis in entertainment, media, and technology (EMT).”
Andrea Bonomi

Andrea Bonomi, BS 1986

Chairman and Founder
London, UK
“Responsible investing is another aspect of globalization, and not only is it the right thing to do but also the intelligent thing to do, from a business perspective.”

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