Stern alumni on a panel in Paulson Auditorium

Lauren Wu (BS '13)

Suma Swaminathan, MBA ’15

Private Equity, Developing World Markets

Industry: Impact Investing
Company: Developing World Markets

Swaminathan, who works in private equity at Developing World Markets, shares her varied career path and what led her to impact investing.


Lauren Wu (BS '13)

Lauren Wu, BS '13

Product Operations Manager, Lyft Inc.

Industry: Tech
Company: Lyft Inc.

Wu discusses her role at Lyft, how she develops pricing strategies for the company, and her career path and coursework that helped her reach this position.


Headshot of Juston Payne

Juston Payne, MBA '12

Senior Project Manager, Google

Industry: Tech
Company: Google

Payne describes what it's like to manage Google Clips, and how his foundation at Stern applies regularly to his work at Google.


Rupa Mehta

Rupa Mehta, MBA '05

Founder and Director of NaliniKIDS, Founder and Fitness Instructor at Nalini Method

Industry: Fitness & Wellbeing
Company: Nalini Method

Rupa Mehta, MBA '05, founded the Nalini Method and NaliniKIDS. She shares what inspires her as she leads.


Eric Berger

Eric Berger, MBA '08

Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization and Associate Dean of Executive Education

Industry: Wealth Management
Company: UBS

Eric Berger and collaborators launched the UBS InsightShares LGBT Employment Equality exchange-traded fund (ETF). He shares insights from the journey bringing this to fruition.


Headshot of Michelle Harrison Bacharach, MBA '12

Michelle Harrison Bacharach, MBA '12

Co-Founder & CEO

Industry: Tech

Bacharach's "complete the look" startup gains traction as FINDMINE secures funding and impacts the revenue of customers like John Varvatos, Adidas, and American Eagle Outfitters.


Corey Phelps

Corey Phelps, MPhil '01, PhD '03

Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization and Associate Dean of Executive Education

Industry: Higher Education
Company: McGill University

Corey Phelps channeled his lifelong fascination with technology toward expertise in the role organizations play in commercializing innovations. He recently published the book, Cracked It! How to Solve Big Problems and Sell Solutions Like Top Strategy Consultants.


Allison Moss

Allison Moss, MBA ’09


Industry: Beauty & Entrepreneurship
Company: type:A brands

Moss aligned her passion for clean products with her professional experience to create type: A, a clean beauty brand featuring natural deodorant. She shares how she transitioned from beauty marketing to becoming an entrepreneur.


Sara Sindelar

Sara Sindelar, MBA '17

Experiential Marketing Manager, Corporate Marketing

Industry: Tech
Company: IBM

Sindelar has held a variety of roles at IBM throughout her career, and was named to the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Game Changers in Marketing and Advertising list. She shares insights as a leading marketing innovator.


Courtney Reagan

Courtney Reagan, MBA '13

Retail Reporter

Industry: News Media
Company: CNBC

Reagan shares her experience and values as CNBC's Retail Reporter along with some highlights of her time at Stern.


Susan Veksler

Susan Veksler, BS '03

President and Co-Founder

Industry: Fintech
Company: Caissa, LLC

Veksler co-founded Caissa, LLC, with another Stern grad. She shares what led her to start her own company and offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Meet the NYU Stern Alumni Council

Archive by Profile Year


Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson, BS '91, Chairman of Novator Partners LLP
Abrima Erwiah, BS '02, Co-Founder, Studio One Eighty Nine
Samir Ibrahim, BS '11, Co-Founder and CEO, SunCulture
Ragy Thomas, MBA '03, Founder and CEO, Sprinklr
Benjamin Wise, MBA '13, Director of Strategic Projects, International Rescue Committee


Sanjiv Anand, MBA '85, Chairman, Cedar Management Consulting International, LLC
Tanner Hackett, MBA '11, Co-Founder, Button
Jeff Grant, MBA '97, Senior Vice President, Research, Turner Emerging Consumers
Tammy Kwan, MBA '15, Founder, Cognitive ToyBox

Rajat Sharma, MBA/MFA ‘15, Director, Multiplatform Analytics at A+E Networks and Independent Film Producer


Anne Black, MBA '99, Chief Operating Officer, Goldman Sachs Gives
Josh Boaz, BS '04, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Direct Agents
Mike Capombassis, MBA ‘96, President and Chief Risk Officer, 
Bristol Gate Capital Partners
Annbeth Eschbach, MBA '90, Chief Executive Officer, Exhale Enterprises, Inc.
Robin Harris, BS '08, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Lee Howley, MBA '72, Owner, Howley Bread Group, Ltd.
Monica Isaar, BS '96, MBA '03, Managing Director and Head of Asset Management and Foundations Group
Brittany Laughlin, BS '07, General Manager, Union Square Ventures
Alexey Loganchuk, MBA '90, Founder, Upgrade Capital
Gwen Melnyk, MBA '15, Associate, Jefferies Finance LLC
Timothy Moe, WSC '79, MBA '84, Chief Regional Equity Strategist for Asia Pacific and Co-Head of Asian Economics, Strategy and Commodity Research, Goldman Sachs
Ernesto Ordonez, MS '73, PhD '76, President, Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines
Sally Poblete, BS '94, Founder and CEO, Wellthie