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Frequently Asked Questions


Should we or do we have to meet with an adviser before we register for our classes?

You won't meet with an adviser until you're on campus in August. Fear not; everything you need to know will be detailed in a helpful "Planning Your Fall Schedule" booklet posted on the Freshman Pre-Arrival Checklist by the week of May 26.

Is there a upper limit on the number of classes we can take in a semester? I mean except time constraint?

Stern students will take 16-18 units in their first semester. Stern's BS degree is 128 credits, often referred to as “units,” which shakes out to 16 units per semester for 8 consecutive semesters (4 years).

Can courses taken at a another college or university during high school be used for credit like AP scores?

You SHOULD NOT plan on taking college or university courses (including NYU) this summer in expectation that they'll transfer to NYU. Courses accepted from other institutions for credit are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Speak to an academic adviser about your particular course once you've arrived on campus, but note that the likelihood that a prior college course transfers is rare.

Can I take classes this summer at NYU before my freshman year starts? What about courses at another university/college?

Incoming Stern freshman are prohibited from taking NYU classes in the summer prior to their freshman fall. While you may take a course at another college/university before arrival at NYU, we won't be able to evaluate the course for transfer until you've arrived. Courses taken from other schools in business disciplines or economics will not be accepted.

We want our incoming freshmen to use the summer before college to relax and begin preparing for their 4 year experience at Stern. Connect with fellow incoming students, begin researching Stern faculty and coursework, and start thinking about what you want from your 4 years at NYU.

Student Life

When is Stern Orientation and where can I find the schedule?

Stern Orientation is Monday, August 25 to Friday, August 29. The Stern Orientation Schedule will be available online at the end of July. You should expect to be occupied with Stern Orientation Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

There are events for Stern Orientation and NYU Welcome Week happening at the same time, which events do I attend?

Stern Orientation events are mandatory and all Stern students are expected to attend. There is a wide variety of NYU Welcome Week events that happen after Stern Orientation is over for the day, and you are encouraged to attend those events.

Do I have to register for Stern Orientation?

Yes, we expect all incoming students to register for Stern Orientation. You will received an email with a link to the registration form at the end of July. We want to collect some information from you and see if you have an dietary requests.

Study Away

What is the difference between Stern's International Business Exchange Program (IBEX) and NYU Study Away?

With Stern's International Business Exchange program (IBEX), you enroll directly at a leading international business school and take classes with students from around the world. You earn course credits that transfer back to NYU, allowing you to stay on track with your curriculum. With NYU Study Away, you attend classes at an international NYU campus with other NYU students. You earn NYU credits that also allow you to stay on track with your curriculum.

When should I start making plans to study away?

It is important to meet with an Academic Adviser as early as possible in your academic career to discuss your interest in the IBEX program. The earlier you begin planning, the more options and flexibility you will have.

When can I study away for a semester?

As a Stern student you have the opportunity to study away through NYU Global Programs or Stern's International Business Exchange program (IBEX) You can study away in your Sophomore, Junior or even Senior year, depending on the program. NYU Global programs fit in best during Sophomore year (spring) or Junior year (fall); IBEX is open to Juniors (fall, spring) and Seniors (fall only). More detailed information can be found on the program-specific pages of our website.