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Transfer Pre-Arrival Checklist

As soon as possible Activate your NYU Home account & Check email Activate your NYUHome account at http://start.nyu.edu. Then go to http://home.nyu.edu to access your NYU e-mail account, familiarize yourself with Albert (the student information and course registration system you use to register), and complete Housing forms. Check your e-mail regularly throughout the summer.
As soon as possible Submit Emergency Contact Submit your (1) personal cell phone and (2) emergency contact information online in Albert. Submit [1] your personal cell phone number in the "Email / Phones" screen and [2] the name and phone number of a parent/guardian in the "Emergency Contact" screen.
As soon as possible Pay Deposit After you have decided to attend NYU Stern, please place your deposit and start planning your fall schedule.
After deposit Fall Course Registration with an Adviser After submitting the deposit, please contact the Office of Academic Advising to set up an appointment for assistance in registering for fall courses.

All transfers from outside of NYU should have reviewed the External Transfers Guide Summer 2014 sent to you before scheduling your appointment.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in May.

early July Finalizing Your Admission All final college (including spring semester grades) and high school transcripts (including a date of graduation) should have been received by NYU.

You must ensure that your high school sends BOTH your final high school transcript (with final spring grades) AND your date of graduation to NYU:

1) At most U.S. high schools, the final transcript lists both the spring grades and the date (day, month, and year) of a student's graduation, so submitting the final transcript alone fulfills both parts of this requirements.

2) However, if you are from a high school outside the United States, NYU finds that many schools do not list the date of graduation on the transcript. In these cases, you must have your high school send a separate letter/certificate on school letterhead that verifies your date of graduation in addition to the final transcript.
early July Deadline: Pay Deposit The deadline to pay your deposit to attend NYU Stern is today.
July 3 Deadline: Meet with an Academic Adviser All transfer students should have met with an academic adviser and completed registration for fall courses by this date.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in June & July.

August 1 Stern's Laptop Requirement Stern requires all students to have their own laptop computer. See here for specifications. Your current model may be sufficient, or you may want to upgrade at some point
August 1 Complete submission of the Student Health Requirements Complete submission of the Student Health Requirements (Health History form, Immunization History form, AlcoholEdu module, Student Health Insurance choice). The packet is usually mailed in May through June for transfer students.

Please note that failure to supply the required health documentation may result in your fall 2014 courses being dropped and a restriction preventing you from moving in to your residence hall in August.
August 4 Stern Orientation Download your Stern Orientation schedule available online or on the NYU Guidebook app.
August 5 Pay Fall tuition Payment for the Fall 2014 semester is due today (unless you participate in one of NYU's payment plans, in which case the deadline[s] may be different). You can verify receipt of your payment through Albert. If you have not paid and have not contacted them to discuss any issues, the Bursar will drop non-payers from their fall classes.

***Because we realize that NYU is a large investment, you and your family are also strongly encouraged to discuss enrollment in the Tuition Insurance Refund Plan by this time.***
Mid/Late August Stern E-mail Account Activate your Stern e-mail account at start.stern.nyu.edu.

As an NYU Stern student, you will have two e-mail/IT accounts: one through NYU and one through NYU Stern.
August 13 NYU Bookstore The NYU Bookstore will start posting book lists for your fall courses in mid-August.
Late August Academic Integrity Assignment Academic integrity is vital to the life of the mind found at any university, and NYU and Stern are no exceptions. (a) We encourage you to read through the “How to Recognize Plagiarism” tutorial and successfully complete the test at the end of the materials. (b) As a Stern student, you will be held to the NYU Stern Code of Conduct, so please familiarize yourself with these materials. You will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of these policies during August Orientation.
August 24 Move In Day You will be assigned a move in time on this day, usually in early August.
August 25-29 Stern Orientation Attend mandatory Stern Orientation events. Orientation events will kick off at 9am on Monday, August 25.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in August.

September 2 Classes begin Fall classes begin.
September 5 Deadline for Academic Integrity Assignment Please turn in your Academic Integrity assignment certificate to the front desk of the UC Advising Office! (Tisch Hall, Suite 616)
September 10 Last day for proficiency exams and credit evaluations This is the last day to take any proficiency exams or have any previously taken courses examined for NYU equivalency. However, we strongly suggest you make every effort to complete credit transfers and proficiency exams well before this date, preferably over the summer or during August Orientation.
September 15 Last Day to Drop Last day to add or drop courses on Albert.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important Fall Semester dates.


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