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Donation Opportunities

The Professional Development Opportunity Funds (“PDOF”) provide alumni with four unique opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the professional development of Stern undergraduates.

The purpose of the PDOF is to provide students with opportunities to explore careers, engage with industry professionals, and collaborate with peers from around the world. Research shows that professional development is both a critical component of students’ undergraduate experience and an integral factor in their career success.
Please contact uccareers@stern.nyu.edu for more information.

The Conference & Competition Fund

The Conference & Competition Fund (“C&C Fund”) provides students with access to leading industry conferences and competitions around the world. Conferences offer students an exceptional opportunity to build upon their strong theoretical foundations developed in the classroom by engaging with industry professionals who discuss current trends that are shaping the global marketplace. Competitions afford students a unique opportunity to apply their Stern education in collaboration with their peers to solve real world problems.

Professional Student Organization Fund

The Professional Student Organization Fund (“PSO Fund”) provides Stern's 26 student organizations with essential resources to support professional development programming. Student organizations host more than 1,000 professional development workshops each academic year. The workshops offer undergraduates an invaluable opportunity to explore careers, collaborate with peers, and engage with industry professionals. Additionally, student organizations host industry conferences where renowned academics and practitioners lead discussions on key issues in the marketplace.

Professional Innovation Fund

The Professional Innovation Fund (“PI Fund”) provides resources to create innovative programming that shapes students' professional development at each stage of their academic career. The PI Fund will support the launch of a number exciting new professional development initiatives, such as the 20-week Industry Introduction Series, the 10-week Professional Development Series, and three case competitions.

Engagement Fund

The Engagement Fund (“E Fund”) provides resources to create special events that facilitate professional development interactions between undergraduates and alumni. The events are designed to maximize interactions between students and alumni. The events give students an opportunity to practice their communication, interpersonal, and networking skills while receiving valuable feedback from alumni.