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Put Your Knowledge into Action

The MS in Risk Management is based on a blended learning approach combining in-person classroom time and independent study. The program culminates with the team-based Strategic Risk Capstone.

Blended Learning

Modules are divided into three phases: pre-module, module, and post-module.

Pre-module: Research Phase
This begins 4-6 weeks prior to the in-class teaching session. Students prepare for the module by completing qualitative and quantitative assignments that include readings and cases, tutorials and diagnostics, and exercises and written assessments. Completion of the pre-module material ensures a more rigorous and productive classroom experience.

Module: Residential Period
Students and leading faculty, industry experts, and practitioners come together for valuable “in-class” residential periods. The classroom provides a dynamic environment for discovery and collaboration with your classmates.

Post-module: Application
The post-module is designed as the implementation phase of the module. Students are challenged to apply the material and concepts covered during the pre-module phase and residential period to solidify their learning. Deliverables are in the form of case studies, written assignments, projects, and group work.

Capstone Projects

The Strategic Risk Capstone requires students to build on their own professional experience and exposure to the academic content of the program to create a meaningful project that demonstrates their ability to take an integrated, enterprise-wide view of risk management.

MSRM Students Joined Forces to Develop a Robust Risk Framework for Funds Investing in Africa

MSRM Students See a More Resilient Future for Brazil

Could Stress Testing Transparency Avoid the “Next Black Swan”? And, given the cost, is it worth it?

Published Student Capstone Projects

High Frequency Trading and US Stock Market Microstructure: A Study of Interactions between Complexities, Risks and Strategies Residing in U.S. Equity Market Microstructure
MSRM Students Class of 2013, Samir Abrol, Benjamin Chesir and Nikhil Mehta

Read the entire paper here.

Future Regulation of Hedge Funds—A Systemic Risk Perspective
MSRM Class of 2010 students Wouter Van Eechoud, Wybe Hamersma, Arnd Sieling, David Young

Van Eechoud, W., Hamersma, W., Sieling, A. and Young, D. (2010), Future Regulation of Hedge Funds—A Systemic Risk Perspective. Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, 19: 269-353. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0416.2010.00160.x

Read the publication here.

Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Management in Emerging Markets
MSRM Students Class of 2011, Konstantin Makarov and Raymond Mui

Read QQRM: Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Management in Emerging Markets here.

Strategic Mortgage Default in Financial Institutions: A Proposal for an Alternative Management
MSRM Students Class of 2012, Jonathan Franco, Melodie Anne Juson, Diederick Koolmees, Cynthia Liwanag, Jeffrey Cherry

Read the entire paper here.