NYU Stern
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Global Alumni Network

Connect with friends, colleagues, and business leaders

Stern alumni are among the best and brightest minds in the business community and provide living proof of the power of a Stern degree. Stern alumni offer guidance and assistance as you progress in your learning and start your career. You connect with alumni through:

UGRAD Stern Avantage Global Alumni Network Roundtable Alumni Roundtable Luncheon Series: Each semester, Stern hosts a series of luncheons featuring prominent and successful Stern alumni. Learn from and chat with some of today’s business leaders, who impart their insights and experiences.
UGRAD Stern Advantage Global Alumni Network BAP Club Speaker Events: Corporate representatives and Alumni are critical components of many of the programs at Stern. Student clubs coordinate events throughout the year for students to hear from business professionals.
UGRAD Stern Advantage Global Alumni Network Cohort Dinners Cohort Alumni Dinners: Every semester, successful Stern alumni host regular dinner outings for students. These events offer the opportunity to gain advice, learn from a business leader, and meet new people.
UGRAD Stern Avantage Global Alumni Network Connect NYU SternConnect: Through our online alumni network, graduates worldwide provide information, advice, and networking opportunities to students and other alumni.

Stern Alumni Quick Facts

  • 100,000+ alumni community (in 100 countries worldwide)
  • 500+ CEOs in top firms around the globe
  • 100+ alumni serving on 3 leadership boards
  • 65 active regional alumni groups around the world
  • 10+ industry and affinity planning committees