Richard Revesz on "Destabilizing Environmental Regulation"

Richard L. Revesz gives his QFE seminar on "Destabilizing Environmental Regulation: The Trump Administration’s Concerted Attack on Regulatory Analysis" for the Volatility and Risk Institute on Monday, May 4th, 2020

Welcome to the VRI | 2020 Conference

Richard Berner and Robert Engle give an update on the progress of the Volatiltiy and Risk Institute

Fireside chat with Phil Venables and Jack Freund | 2020 Conference

Phil Venables (Senior Advisor, Goldman, Sachs & Co.) interviews Jack Freund (Director, Risk Science, RiskLens; Fellow of the FAIR Institute) in a fireside chat on "Cyber Risk Measurement and Scorecards"

Practitioner Approaches to Cyber Resilience Panel | 2020 Conference

In our first panel at our inaugural conference, "Practitioner Approaches to Cyber Resilience," Judith Germano moderated a discussion between Melissa Hathaway, Simon Hunt, and Shamla Naidoo.  

Cyber Insurance in the Age of COVID-19 Panel | 2020 Conference

In our final conference, "Cyber Insurance in the Age of COVID-19," Randal Milch moderated a discussion between Jeffrey Bohn, Matthew McCabe, and Matthew Prevost.

Using VLab to Monitor SRISK

Our Co-Director, Robert Engle, how to monitor SRISK using VLab

View SRISK on VLab

Richard Berner at the 2019 MFM Capstone Conference

Economist and writer, Allison Schrager, interviews VRI co-director, Richard Berner, at the 2019 Macro Financial Modeling (MFM) Winter Capstone Conference

From Climate Shock to Geoengineering

Gernot Wagner (VRI Faculty Board) discusses how we can address climate change with solar geoengineering at TEDxUniversityofRochester

Gernot Wager's Research

Richard Berner at the 9th ECB Statistics Conference

VRI co-director, Richard Berner, participates in a panel discussion on "New Data Needs for Financial Stability" at the 9th ECB Statistics Conference

How Do We Calculate SRISK?

Our Co-Director, Robert Engle, explains how VRI calculates SRISK