Providing Lifelong Career Support to Langone and Executive MBA Students and all Stern alumni.

As a Stern student and alumnus, The Career Center For Working Professionals (CCWP) is your partner for life. As a recruiter, we are your gateway to exceptional and forward-thinking professional talent.

Alumni and Students
We understand that you may not want to be in your current role forever. Whether you are a Langone or Executive MBA student or Stern graduate, the CCWP  has a variety of lifelong career services specifically designed to support your career goals. Excited about a prospective promotion, changing careers, or moving to a new city or country? No problem. Our career coaches are here to help you navigate through your career transitions.

The CCWP gives you access to Stern’s extensive alumni network as well as more than 2,000 Langone and Executive MBA students. We provide alumni and recruiters the opportunity to post jobs exclusively to our talented network and provide customized services at no cost to you. Partner with us to achieve your goals even before you have a hiring need.