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Leveraging Google Apps for Teaching | 11/18 @ 12:15pm

Google Teaching

Heard about people using Google Apps for teaching, but not sure what this means, or where to start? Google Apps are an NYU-supported suite of collaborative authoring tools that enable up to 100 users to work together in real time (from anywhere) on shared presentations, documents, and sheets. In addition to collaborative documents, Google Forms is an easy way to create and distribute surveys or quizzes to your students, and Google Assignments is an option for commenting directly on students’ work with direct updates in NYU Classes. In this workshop we’ll walkthrough the Google Apps suite and provide tips on how each tool can be effectively integrated in the classroom. 

You should attend if…
You’ve never heard of Google Apps before and want to learn more
You’d like students to be able to build something together in your class, either asynchronously or synchronously
You’re interested in simplifying the process of giving feedback on student work
You’d like a quick and easy way to survey or quiz your students