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Digital Inclusive Teaching | 2/3 @ 12:15pm

Digital Inclusive Teaching

Ensure digital teaching and learning tools are accessible to everyone regardless of difference. Everyone who creates digital materials, from emails to teaching videos, has a role to play in increasing accessibility. We will review some of the resources available to measure the accessibility of your digital content, review best practices, and discuss how to implement them.

You should attend if...
  • You would like to use Universal Design principles to make your content more accessible.
  • You would like to enhance the learning experience for everyone who uses your learning materials.
  • You would like to develop a practice to comply with accessibility standards and regulations.

Brightspace: Grading | 2/25 @ 12:15pm


During this workshop, we will set up a Gradebook from the start, connect Assignments to Grades and review the settings. We will use Annotation tools and download assignments as a batch. We will set release conditions including release dates. 

You should attend if...
  • You’ve set up your course site in Brightspace and would like to become comfortable with grading.
  • You would like to take advantage of the grading tools that are built into Brightspace.
  • You are interested in setting conditions and dates for releasing feedback and grades in Brightspace.

Brightspace: Administering Exams | 3/3 @ 12:15pm

Administering Exams

During this workshop, we will set up and grade an assessment in the Quizzes tool. We will practice giving a document-based exam, including the necessary settings for asynchronous timed exams. We will review how to get the most out of an auto-graded test, and how to allow for manual adjustments.

You should attend if…
  • You are using Brightspace to administer exams
  • You want to create and grade exams in Brightspace using documents students download, complete, and upload
  • You want to become more comfortable navigating Brightspace Quizzes

Incorporating self-assessment activities into your course | 4/12 @ 12:15pm

Incorporating self-assessment activities into your course

Want to give your students the chance to test themselves before the test? Challenging content requires study, practice, and application. In this workshop, we will present scenarios for incorporating opportunities for deliberate practice in your course. We’ll showcase auto-graded practice quizzes, self-check problems, and simulations as strategies for low risk, high reward self-study and practice.

You should attend if…
  • You’re curious about how to give students more opportunities to practice in your course
  • You’d like to know how well students can apply the concepts learned in your course before formally testing them on it
  • You are interested in using self-assessments as knowledge checks for students.

Poll Everywhere: Learn how to use polling software in the classroom | 4/27 @ 12:15pm

Poll Everywhere: Learn how to use polling software in the classroom

Need to poll students in real-time? Poll Everywhere is an educational technology tool that provides instant access to students’ attendance, interest, and levels of comprehension relating to course material. The platform can be easily integrated into web browsers, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote presentations. By polling students, instructors can gain thoughtful insight into the academic needs of their students and create a bridge of understanding between students and themselves. 

You should attend if…
  • You love using quantitative data in the classroom
  • You desire to understand your students’ comprehension
  • You’re eager to streamline classroom procedures

Creating your own teaching videos at home | 5/6 @ 12:15pm

Creating your own teaching videos at home

Instructional videos make learning more inclusive, effective, and engaging. By designing audiovisual content, instructors can cater to students’ specific needs while maintaining the rigor of higher education. When done well, videos communicate complex ideas with ease, while providing nuance of the subject matter. 

You should attend if: 
  • You want to provide creative, accessible instruction
  • You’re excited to produce evidence-based, specialized content 
  • You hope to leverage your students’ skills and backgrounds