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Get Ready to Teach with Zoom: Zoom Basics | 1/14 @ 12:15pm

Getting ready to teach online with Zoom Online Workshop 12:15pm Jan 14 (Thu)

Join us for a workshop designed to help you get ready to take your class remote with Zoom. We’ll cover how to set up and use Zoom through NYU Classes, ways to make the most of Zoom’s interactive features to support learning, and ideas for organizing meetings and content for a remote format. 

You should attend if…
You’ll be teaching remotely for the first time this semester and want to prepare
You’d like to walk through the basic tools used to communicate in a Zoom environment
You’re looking for practical tips to help make your remote classes as engaging as your in-person classes


Breakout Rooms + Polling: Master Advanced Zoom Features | 1/21 @ 12:15pm

Breakout rooms and polling: Master advanced Zoom features. Online Workshop 12:15pm Jan 21 (Thu)

Would you like to master the art of incorporating more advanced features, such as breakout rooms and polling, in your Zoom classes? In this workshop we’ll cover how the breakout rooms and polling functionality works in Zoom and explore how these features can be most effectively utilized in your class. 

You should attend if…
You feel comfortable with the basics of Zoom (e.g., screen-sharing and chat)
You’d like to be able to have students work in smaller groups during your classes
You’re looking for ways to diversify and incorporate more interactivity into your remote classes


Teaching with a Diverse Mindset | 2/2 @ 12:15pm

Diverse Mindset

The Teaching with a Diverse Mindset workshop is a co-taught workshop with the Learning Science Lab and Gary Fraser. This session is designed to bring faculty together to set an intention to support and cultivate diversity of thought, perspectives, and experiences in their teaching practice and promote student learning in an inclusive environment. 

In this workshop we will provide strategies for incorporating diverse perspectives into the curriculum and creating an inclusive learning community through knowing your students, class participation tips, and building diverse student teams. We will share with you the learning science behind these tactics and how they enhance student learning and build a true sense of belonging.